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5 Reasons This Dude Is Better Than You

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  • 14/09/2015

Heroes of the Storm Artanis

You know that guy, an average Heroes of the Storm player hates this dude. He’s always landing some lucky combos and escaping low HP. In Cursed Hollow the tribute is always on his side, he jukes your skillshots randomly accidentally and when you meet him you’re always low HP and he finishes you off. Here are the top 5 reasons why he may not be lucky at all…


How often do you see a Jaina playing with that mentality “I must not focus the tanks!” and running half accross their team just to fight their Nazeebo? Yes, every day, there’s a squishy player who somehow saw going infront of our tank and running accross their team just to do some DPS to their back carries which actually results in him getting stunned and killed within a second, what a waste. And we know that in Heroes of the Storm one man dead often means a retreat or a lost fight, so one dude ruined the whole fight. Our Heroes of the Storm Boost employees urge you not to be this guy, it’s fine to ‘focus’ tanks once in a while, wait for their mistake, do not try to be a hero and wait for a good opportunity.


Split pushing is fine, but rarely in this game you will see a team coordinated well enough to for instance stall the Tribute while the Azmodan is pushing solo, they will more often run in 4v5 like madmen and get wiped out and the enemy team in the end getting more XP and the tribute. So rather stick with the plan and go for the objective, this also does not mean that if you’re first there you’re supposed to run in like a headless chicken and then yell ‘WHERE IS THE TEAM?’. If the team is late, try to stall their capturing but do not try to be a hero and die. Wait for the team. If not, you can always purchase duoQueue Heroes of the Storm Boost and we’ll teach you how to.


Mana in this game is a huge problem. People often try trading in the lanes and wasting their mana just before the objectives, great mistake. Do not trade by blowing up all your mana if you’re not sure you’ll really do some serious damage to the enemy and cripple him more than your mana pool. Just trade smart with auto attacks and spells now and then, do not go for the objective 20% mana and then wonder why you lost it. Work on your mana management. Hearthstone back if you need to before the objective but do not do it if you will be too late for it, this usually means your team dying 4v5.


What this guy does is he actually pays attention to the enemy team, for instance, they are auto-attack heavy, e.g. Raynor, Valla, Illidan in the team, he will surely take a Block as a Warrior! He does not just take the ‘best’ build, he adapts the build to the current situation. But even if you aren’t capable of this, I really suggest that you atleast check www.hotslogs.com > Choose a hero from the list > Scroll down and play the top three rated builds. You cannot go wrong with that, you can go suboptimal but never really wrong. Stop trying to make your own builds if you aren’t skilled enough for it.Free tips by our Heroes of the Storm Boost coaches.


Things often go south, you will make mistakes, and more often your team will make mistakes (there’s 4 of them duh!) but this dude does not waste time, energy or words on blaming, how exactly is writing your teammmate that he’s shit will help you win this game? It won’t. Shut your mouth and report / trash talk him AFTER the game. You will find that blaming your team will make them play even worse or waste time typing and so on, people’s ego’s are very fragile and everyone thinks they are the shit, someone saying that they aren’t the shit can be…nasty. Save your trash talk for post-game chat.

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