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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Top Mistakes New Players Make

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After HotS was released as a free to play game, with no codes required to access it, player base has been growing with each day, which means we’re getting a whole bunch of new players who often fail to realise they’re doing the mistakes I’m about to write about. I’m sure many of these sound familiar, make sure to work…

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Level of Negativity and Toxicity in HotS

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If you’re playing HotS there’s a big chance you played LoL or DotA before. Those two are having years long conflict with toxic players and negativity, neverending one it seems. I’ll share my opinion how’s the situation in HotS compared to the big two leaders in the MOBA genre. Everyone has bad days now and then, sometimes you’re back from…

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How To Get Better At Heroes Of The Storm

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There’s a big chance you’re not new to the MOBA genre, you’ve likely took your shot at DotA or LoL, and have been in the HotS BETA, or maybe ALPHA even. You know what terms such as ‘carry’, ‘support’ and ‘Push’ mean. Basically, you’re set to start your HotS carreer. But, not everyone has experience, MOBA genre isn’t old news…

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