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10 Combos That Will Increase Your Win Rate – Part 2

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  • 30/11/2015

10 combos that will increase your win rate guide hots
Welcome to Part 2 of our 10 Combos guide. Click here for Part 1. During our HotS Duo Queue Boost, our boosters often find that their clients aren’t able to perform basic combos on the heroes they play. Usually we focus on the “macro” aspects of the game (rotations, objective control and so on), but today our HotS Boost Team is gonna talk about the ten most important combos to master. If you want to climb the ladder playing the best heroes according to our HotS tier list, you are going to need some practice.
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Diablo – Shadow Charge [Q] + Overpower [E] (or E + Q)

Diablo is an incredibly powerful hero that dominates our HotS Tier List thanks to his crowd controls and engaging tools. His main combo revolves around his E and Q, Shadow Charge and Overpower. It’s great to help your assassin bursting down an enemy and has two different uses.
The most common use of this combo is to start with your Shadow Charge to catch an enemy out of position or to dive in the enemy back line, then casting your Overpower ability to isolate the target from his team. When done correctly, this combo allows your team to focus an important target while he’s away from his tanks.
However according to our HotS Boost Team there is another way to use this combo: you can invert the order of the abilities starting with Overpower and following up with Shadow Charge. It’s way greedier and surely harder to execute, but there is a great reward. Completing this combo means that your target will die almost instantly, as he will be really far away from his allies. Keep in mind that you are putting yourself in a dangerous spot, so use your judgement to determine if it’s better to use the standard combo.

Zagara – Devouring Maw [R] + Baneling Barrage [Q]

If you decide to play Zagara instead of any other hero, it’s probably because of the Devouring Maw heroic. This spell is incredibly useful in team fights because it allows your team to follow up quickly with a lot of Area of Effect burst damage, securing the team fight. Zagara is really highly placed on our Heroes of the Storm tier list mainly because of this heroic and her split pushing potential, especially if paired with a good AoE damage dealer like Kael’thas.
Zagara can follow the Maw with the Baneling Barrage ability, in order to deal a decent chunk of damage to the enemies caught. Keep in mind that the banelings’ travel time depends on your distance from the enemy, so it takes a little of practice.

Murky – Pufferfish [W] + Octo-Grab [R]

Our Heroes of the Storm Boost team believe that Murky is a pretty underrated champion, since his W R combo can be really deadly.He’s extremely powerful on the new map Towers Of Doom too. Use your Pufferfish on a target and follow up with Octo-Grab: the combination of burst damage and the stun will often result in a kill for your team.
Pretty straightforward, right? Well, it seems simple, but using this combo at its full potential means that you are placing your R right on top of the Pufferfish. With perfect placement, your enemies won’t even see the fish and they won’t be able to deny his damage.

The Butcher – Ruthless Onslaught [E] + Furnace Blast [R]

Butcher’s combo allows him to deal an absurd amount of damage chaining Ruthless Onslaught with his heroic, Furnace Blast. This combination depends purely on the timing of your abilities: you can activate Furnace Blast during your E or before it.
According to our Heroes of the Storm Boost team, timing is key. Activate your R too early, and the damage will be wasted. Use it a second too late, and your enemy may escape your stun. Practice this combo until you are sure about the stun duration and you will become a great Butcher player.
butcher furnace blast

Gazlowe – Xplodium Charge [E] + Grav-O-Bomb 3000 [R]

Gazlowe isn’t really popular, and his placement on our Heroes of the Storm tier list reflects that. However there are a lot of Gazlowe players out there, so we decided to include his E R combo as well. To get the most out of this hero’s kit you need to place your Xplodium Charge in the middle of the enemy team when they are stacked, placing your Grav-O-Bomb 3000 right on your E. If you are able to time your abilities properly, your enemies will be caught in the explosion blast, taking an high amount of damage and getting stunned. It’s a really powerful combo, especially if your team can follow up with more aoe abilities.

This ends our two part guide. Like us on Facebook to access more content from our Heroes of the Storm boost team and more informations about the HotS new hero, Lunara, announced at Blizzcon. If you are having problems pulling off these combos, consider purchasing our HotS Duo Queue Boost service or HotS Coaching service for some 1 on 1 mentoring.

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