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Cold War boosting is a range of services we provide in order to help you with your goals in the game. Ranging from Camo boosting, Leveling boosting, Calling cards, Achievements and many more services available in account sharing or playing with our boosters, with many optional features at your disposal such as High KD and streaming your order.
Our team consists of only high-quality players and support staff. We've dedicated the past 5 years of our lives to provide the highest quality, yet affordable game boosting service on the market. We have not failed a single order among thousands so far and we strive to keep that record for many more years to come. Feel free to have a chat with our Live Chat (24/7) team to find out more.
We are 100% safe & secure, Boosting Factory's been around since January 2015, we've completed thousands of orders. But don't just take our word for it - check out our 98% customer satisfaction rate collected by a third party collector Reviews.io, we do not have the ability to manipulate such reviews.
You can contact us through our Contact Us page. We're also online on our Live Chat app 24/7. You can find it on the bottom of your screen.
Our boosters are semi-pro and pro players from all over the world.
Press the Register button on top right of your screen, or press Login and then register.
We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, Skrill (PSC, Neteller, Alipay, Klarna and more) and Bitcoin.
If you get banned for boosting (account sharing), Boosting Factory cannot be held responsible for the suspension, but will gladly help you with Activision's support in order to attempt an unban. Even though the risk is very low (1 in 100 accounts get banned), we cannot guarantee 100% safety. Any other possible bans such as toxicity will be appropriately covered by Boosting Factory. Duo boosting (no account sharing) is 100% legal and cannot get you suspended.

Refund Policy

Yes, you can cancel your order at any point and we will refund you for the uncompleted part of the order, or the whole amount if the order has not been started. Simply contact us via contact us page or chat with our Live Chat 24/7 team.
We can usually process the refund immediately, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours if the main admin is not online at the given moment. If your payment method was PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin, a refund will be visible on your balance immediately. If you paid using a card, it can take up to 3 working days depending on your bank’s speed.

Boosting Services

For services that support duo boosting, find it on the product page, step 2 “Piloted or Play With Boosters” and select Play With Boosters.
Yes, choose the Streaming feature in checkout. We can stream on any streaming platform, using our or your stream service account. We can make it private on some platforms, or semi-private on some platforms. If you want complete privacy, arrange the streaming details with your booster via our dashboard chat.
Yes, we can use the appear offline feature free of charge.
This feature allows you to pay only half of your $500 or more order immediately, and a half after we reach the 50% of your boost, or when you get the funds, we can wait as long as you need while the boost is paused on 50%.
Yes, simply press “Complete All Camos (Golden)” button on the product page found under the camo dropdowns.
Yes! Whichever level your weapon is (needs to be unlocked), we will level it up for you while progressing with the camo order.
Yes! Just contact your Live Chat team to give you an exact quote.
It means that during the boost you ordered, booster will maintain a Kill to Death ratio of 2.0 (2 Kills per 1 Death at least) or higher.
Each booster will maintain a 2.0 or higher KD during your kill boost. Meaning that for every death he will have at least 2 kills, usually more. If you activate a 3+ KD additional feature, booster will complete at least 3 kills for each death. If any of these conditions aren’t met, booster will keep doing free kill boosting until the KD becomes 2 or 3+ depending on your order. Note that if you already have plenty of kills and a worse than 2.0 KD, your KD will need a certain amount of kill boosting done in order to make it 2+ or 3+ in your global kill stats.
In every Warzone win that you have ordered, booster will have at least 10 kills. If the win was completed and booster did not have 10 or more kills, he will complete another win for free with 10 or more kills.

Boost Delivery

Yes, you can. You will provide access to our booster via your personal order tracking page.
Most boosts are started within 11 minutes of purchase, on days when there's a large workload, it can extend up to 8 hours. Activating many optional features or play with boosters could prolong the time to start.
Feel free to log in to our website, open your order and await your booster to join you.
It depends on the size of your order. In the checkout module, you can see the approximate time to completion. Ask Live Chat support for a better approximation.
Express order will place your order in queue ahead of all non-express order. Boosters will also play more games on your boost per day with no long breaks inbetween games.
Login in to the website, open your order and scroll down to find the match history and progress bar.
Absolutely, contact us through Contact form or Live Chat 24/7. We will change your booster and find out what was the reason for low performance so it does not happen again.
No. If any booster offers to contact you outside the game and our members area, let our team know through contact form or Live Chat 24/7 and we will match their price and give you a Boosting Factory rank-up in order to obtain a better discount coupon. Please do not offer your contact details to our boosters.

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