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The Ultimate How To Master Wraith Guide | Boosting Factory

By 10/03/2019Guides

This article will help have you playing Wraith like a pro in no time. Wraith is an Interdimensional Skirmisher as she can use abilities such as teleports and shadow step to maneuver herself, and her teammates around enemies. While Wraith’s abilities clearly provide her with great mobility, she is also used as a scout to call out and find enemies for her team. Like most legends in Apex, her full potential is rarely reached by the average player. The goal of this article is to get the most out of your Wraith gameplay, and to have you all playing Wraith like our Apex Legends boosting squad!

Passive Ability: Voices From The Void

As Wraith, whenever you are scoped in at by an enemy you are warned with a voice. Your character will say a voice line similar to “You are being aimed at.” This voice line alerts you that the enemy has scoped in at you. Your teammates will be able to hear the voice line if they are nearby, however, you can select the button that pops up to warn teammates. (Down on the D Pad for console players). This will alert all teammates that the enemies have spotted you.

This ability is particularly useful to give yourself an idea that the enemies are nearby and to survey the area. Keep this in mind when playing against Wraith, be sure to track her without scoping until you are ready to shoot as this could give away your position!

Tactical Ability: Into the Void

Your tactical is a shadow step ability which turns your character into a ghost for a few seconds. During this animation, you cannot be shot and will walk 20% faster. The enemies will be able to see which direction you are going as you leave a trail, however, they will not be able to damage you until you come back out of the Wraith. This ability can be effective to escape a gunfight, particularly to give you an extra few seconds to get to cover. It can also be paired well with your passive.

As soon as you get aimed at you can use your tactical ability to get to a safe place. One important note is that during the ability, you can not see the enemy team. This may make it relatively ineffective to use this on the offensive. When I play Wraith I warn my team before I use my ability. This allows my teammates to call out any enemies for me while I temporarily cannot see them.

During this ability, you will also see another Wraith character. Do not confuse this as an enemy, this is just a representation of where you will end up when the ability is over if you keep going in that direction. Use this as a marker to see where you will end up outside of the ability!

Ultimate Ability: Interdimensional Rift

Wraith’s Ultimate Ability is one of the most effective ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. When triggering the ability Wraith drops a singular teleporter node. This teleporter does not become active until the other node is dropped. You will have increased speed while you run to a spot which you would like to place the 2nd teleporter node down to open the teleporter.

During this time your rift energy will be displayed on screen showing how much time you have left to place the other end of the teleporter down. You can place the portal by pressing the primary fire button, or if not pressed the portal is instantly placed down when the rift energy has run out. Due to the increased speed boost of Wraith during her teleporter, a good chunk of ground can be covered in the teleporter.

One thing to note is that during this teleport animation you cannot shoot enemies, however, you can get shot at. As you are running very fast it will be hard for enemies to land multiple shots on you and confirm a kill. When being shot at I would suggest continuing running as far as possible before setting the portal down as there will be a slight delay before dropping the portal and entering safely through the other end. This time you will slow down and it will be easier for the enemy to shoot you! Be careful as the teleporter can be utilized by enemies as well!

Best Weapons for Wraith

While Wraith may see her share of long-range combat, she is very effective at close and medium range. When I’m playing Wraith I would prefer a setup with medium and long-range weapons. An Assault Rifle/ Submachine gun loadout would be optimal in this case. Submachine guns are known to deal loads of damage per second but run out of ammo rather quickly.

It can be effective as Wraith to fire the magazine (Yes, clips are what civies use in their hair, this is a magazine! – © Bangalore), then use your tactical ability to get behind cover and be able to reload quickly. This allows Submachine guns and Assault Rifles to be used at maximum potential.

The R99 is particularly an effective gun to use as Wraith as it has the quickest time to kill allowing you to empty a magazine before using the tactical ability to get out of the fight. The same strategy can be used with a teleporter, as you can empty the clip go back through your teleporter. This will allow you to reload and heal up before engaging again.

Effective Ways to Use Interdimensional Rift (Teleporter)

As previously stated, Wraith’s teleporter can be one of the most effective Ultimates in Apex Legends when used correctly. Listed below are some creative ways to get value out of your teleporter.

Running From the Storm

Wraith’s Teleporter allows her to run very quickly. This particularly comes in handy in the storm. If your teammates are running through the storm it may be effective to set up a portal and instruct teammates to wait for you to place the other end of the portal. It will both give you increased speed when running through the storm, but it will also allow your teammates to cover more ground, then if they were to continue to run through the storm on their own.

Returning a Downed Teammate

Just like Lifeline has an amazing shield that helps with ressing teammates, Wraith has her own couple of aces as well. Your teammates can be teleported even if they are downed. As Wraith a good strategy is to set a portal next to a downed teammate and set the other end in a safe area.

This allows your downed teammate to crawl through the teleporter and be safely revived at the other end. If possible, it would be smart to have the other teammate camp the portal as enemies could catch on and try to come through. If your other teammate is scoped in at the portal he will have a major advantage in a gunfight, and may even kill the enemy before he could escape, or do significant damage to your team.

Respawning a Teammate

We’ve all been in the situation where we get respawned, and having no gun in the middle of the game can be very dangerous. After collecting a teammate’s tags have your Wraith deliver the tags to the Respawn Beacon. After hitting the respawn beacon he can create a teleporter right next to the respawn point, leading the other end in the direction of a looting area. Keep in mind the best looting area may be his death box! Be sure to communicate your strategy with your teammate so he waits for the portal, and can direct you to his death crate if it is in a safe area.

Creating High Ground

High Ground advantages are huge for your team in a team fight, particularly in late game situations where teams may have no choice but to commit. Wraith can quickly take high ground for your team and set a portal for your teammates to go through and join you while making sure the area is safe.

Scout for Enemies

In late game situations, it may be beneficial to create a teleporter and run around the map to find enemies. You will still receive a warning when you are scoped in at allowing you to quickly place your 2nd node down and go through the teleport to call out where the enemies are. When their position is spotted you can set up your position to have an advantage on where the other team is.

This scenario can also be used to provide an engagement during early-mid game scenarios. Wraith’s ultimate ability charges very fast, so it is viable to set a teleporter down when you hear gunshots or suspect a team may be close ahead. You can set a portal down so if things get hectic you can portal back to safety. This is particularly best to attempt to third party an enemy team fight.

This third party strategy involves your squad attacking another squad mid team fight. This gives you a major advantage and typically yields your team loot of two or more squads. You can instruct you and your teammates to go through the portal when it is best to go on the attack. This time would most likely be when players get downed. You can tell this by looking for the red down arrows on the kill feed at the top right of the screen.

Common Mistakes

While playing with/against other unexperienced Wraiths, I have come across several commonly made mistakes that I should point out. The first and most common would be holding on to your teleporter. You have one of the fastest charging ultimate abilities in the game and the portal is ever so valuable. Make sure you don’t hang on to it as there are so many uses for it! You should be getting several of these out per game. The same can be said about Wraith’s tactical ability. It charges in about 15 seconds, and at the very least can be used as a speed boost. Make sure to use this ability often.

Be careful when using Wraith’s tactical ability offensively. Most people do not realize that they cannot see enemies in this form. They run away thinking it is safe and come out without checking their surroundings. Enemies could (and usually are) following you from the beginning of your ability, so make sure not to caught off guard. One viable strategy to use if you cannot get to cover in time is to go change directions. If you have a feeling that you are being chased, try to go back the way you came. If you keep the same trail the enemy might not notice, and you may get his back for an easy kill.

When placing down portals keep in mind that enemies can also travel through them. Do not think you are completely safe! It is wise to designate at least one person to keep an eye on the portal for this! Your teammates will most likely take the portal instantly after you set it down. Make sure that if you set in down in a dangerous area to get out that you instruct your team not to take the portal! It would be wise to at least warn that you are being aimed at if there is no communication between you and your teammate this way they can see you used your portal as an escape and not a transportation route!


Wraith is an extremely viable legend and is personally my favorite. Her abilities can be very useful to both yourself and teammates, particularly to increase your team’s mobility. Communication is key when directing your team around! Be sure to communicate the purpose of all of your portals, warnings, and shadow steps. Your team will likely not be on the same exact page as you, especially if they are not advanced Wraith players, so even the simplest of callouts can help convey your strategies or be a refresher to some.

As a scout player it is so important to be able to communicate the enemies you see, and paths you take to properly fight them. Be sure to take advantage of her quick ability cooldowns and be sure to use her abilities FREQUENTLY. If you have particular struggles or questions on things in this article or something that may have been left out feel free to comment or reach out.

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