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This Is The Pro Player’s Apex Legends Wattson Guide

By 03/07/2019Guides

Wattson is a slow-paced, defensive legend meant to neutralize flankers and create favorable fortification for squadmates. She excels damaging enemies safely at long ranges.

Enemies will be at an extreme disadvantage from close range because of her various area denying abilities. Like other legends, she can be purchased from the Legends Shop for 12,000 tokens or 750 Apex coins. Let’s jump right into her abilities.

Wattson Abilities Explained

Passive Ability: Spark of Genius

With Wattson’s passive ability, ultimate accelerants will fully charge your ultimate ability. While standing near Pylons, your tactical ability will also begin to charge at a faster rate.

  • It would be advised to carry extra Ultimate Accelerants due to the increased strength. If someone has a high colored bag in your squad, ask them to hold on to them for you, another option is to hunt one down yourself.
  • Wattson gives relief to a seemingly necessary pick Lifeline. She will be able to repair shields with his ultimate ability that will likely be constantly charged with ultimate accelerants. As both legends seemingly hog these items it may be wise to play either one or the other.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security

Properly named, Wattson’s Tactical Ability is used to connect nodes which will create an energy fence. This will slow and slightly damage enemies that attempt to pass through.

  • Up to 12 nodes can be placed down at one time
  • Staying near the Pylon (Ultimate Ability) will increase the rate of which the Perimeter Security is charged. This can essentially create a fortress around your Pylon making it harder for enemies to destroy, and for your squad to be flanked.
  • Fences will be briefly powered down if your teammates run through it, if an enemy runs through it they will be pinged and your squad mates will be alerted.

Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon

Wattson’s Ultimate Ability places down an electrified Pylon device. This device will destroy all incoming projectiles (except bullets), bombs, arc stars, Gibraltar’s ultimate and so on. It will also heal weakened shields. The ability will give you the option to deploy up to 3 at one time. This can be obtained by saving Ultimate Accelerants.

  • Positioning around your Pylon is key in order to regain your tactical ability quicker. A good strategy is to pair with a Pathfinder. A pathfinder will be able to quickly position your team around the high ground. A few Pylons positioned on high ground can be particularly deadly in a team fight.

  • Up to 3 Pylons can be placed at one time, so it is recommended to store ultimate accelerants. If properly placed, you will be able to fully fortify your surroundings from incoming danger.
    It is very effective to stock up on long range damage while attacking from your Pylon. This can be achieved by Sniping, stocking up on your own throwables, or burst shooting long range Assault Rifles. This will maintain your high ground advantage while safely reigning down damage.
  • Another good pairing with Wattson would be Wraith. Wraith would have the ability to place down a Wraith Portal to nearby enemies. It is possible to fight them until low health, and then quickly come back to safety in your Pylons. As they will regenerate your shields, it makes for a quick way to deal damage without wasting many shield cells.



While your team is landing with a Wattson it may be effective to pick areas which have many enclosed buildings. Swamps, Cascades, and Bunker are excellent examples. You can easily fortify yourself with use of your tactical ability, giving you a great advantage over other enemies. Be sure to land together as a team as your squadmates will all benefit from the abilities of Wattson.

The First Two Circles

After landing and looting for guns your next move is to pay attention to where enemies are dropping. If you land at an area like Swamps, you want to be sure that if there were several squads at Hydro Dam, you use your abilities expecting an enemy squad rotation from Hydro Dam.

This means setting up your fences in the areas connecting the two zones. If you haven’t already, be sure to stock up on Ultimate Accelerants, high-level backpacks, and long-range weapons. If you have a Pathfinder, Survey Beacons will be excellent to use to be sure that you can post up inside the circle for an extended period of time.

Late Game

During the last few rounds with just a few squads left, you want to be sure that your team is set up to endure a multi-squad fight if necessary. This requires you to seek high ground as far into the middle of the area as possible. You can begin by throwing your ultimate abilities out, and surrounding those Pylons by your Perimeter Defense. This will keep enemies from destroying your Pylons.

If you have a Pathfinder, you should see if there is an area of extended high ground not reachable to other legends. Be sure to call out enemies and target the same legend at once, a combined attack on the same target should easily secure a knock for your squad.

If enemies do break your fortress be prepared with some sort of escape plan. This is where it would be helpful to have a zip line away, or a wraith portal to be made to safety. If executed well, there are little the enemies can do in this scenario to win.

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Wattson Tips and Tricks

General Tips

  • Wattson is not made for rushing. Her kit is meant to play slowly and defensively, patiently giving her team position and security. Close range gunfights should already be a breeze as your team will likely be fortified and around for backup. As such, you should long to carry long-range weapons. Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles with a Single Shot option would be optimal here. For a complete list of effective long-range guns be sure to check out our Apex Legends Weapons Tier List guide.
  • Be sure you are playing to your strengths. You should not look to chase down kills with Wattson as you benefit when the fight is brought to you and your squad. Be diligent to establish good positioning, securing flanks, and supporting your squadmates. If this does not appeal to your playstyle, Wattson may not be the legend for you.
  • It is also important to pay attention to where the enemies may be coming from in order to establish a secure position. Paying attention to things like hot drops, enemy drops, or listening for gunshots can tell you where the enemies may be coming from. This can be extremely helpful when deciding which direction or area to play down your fences or Pylons, respectively.
  • You should also make sure the ultimate is placed in an area where your team is in a favorable position. This can be high ground, behind cover, or through your own cover with a chain of fences to secure safety so your ultimate is not destroyed.

Squad Loadout Tips

  • Wattson is a great legend to play if you are looking for easy wins. An optimal squad line up would be paired with Pathfinder and Wraith. Pathfinder can easily Scout for the next area, and can reach high grounds which can be combined with Pylons and Perimeter Security. Your Wraith can set down portals for the maximum potential of outputting safe damage.
  • Pairing with a Caustic player could cause some insane area denial. The bunker can already be heavily fortified by a caustic alone, however, when adding the abilities of Wattson it could turn into your own personal fortress, and a deadly area for your squad, particularly with a Pylon, which will block incoming throwables.
    Watson is particularly strong against flanking enemies as he can place multiple traps down at a time. Any enemy legend that relies on mobility to engage close range fights, like Octane, will be neutralized by Wattson if you are playing her properly.
  • Not to be overlooked, Wattson is currently the only Legend capable of repairing shields and is the only healer of allies outside of Lifeline. This is an extremely effective feature, and you should look for opportunities to do so as often as possible. A good way to make sure you are getting optimal use of this ultimate is to be sure your squadmates stay grouped up as much as possible. This will allow them all to be in the area of effect as you place down the ultimate. You should not be picking Wattson with Lifeline in the squad.
  • Placing your tactical ability in Bangalore smoke while running away will likely set a trap for your enemies to run into. After they are disoriented, they will become an easy kill for your squad, as they will also be pinged. You can also force enemies away from your Pylon, or run them into fences with Bangalore’s ultimate. As enemies frantically run from the ultimate, traps may be able to slow down enemies forcing them to be hit by the air strike.
  • While playing with a Gibraltar on your team, you can use a friendly air strike to set down traps where enemies may run to them. Similar to Bangalore, enemies would be slowed and caught in the air strike. If an enemy rushes your dome shield, you can quickly trap the inside preventing enemies from entering the shield to shoot at it. This will particularly give your Gibraltar an excellent advantage during shield fights.

Closing Words

To recap, Wattson is a legend meant to be played passively. She does not accel with rushing, however, she is very strong in allowing your Squadmates to set up in a favorable position. Wattson is very effective as the only legend to be able to repair ally shields. She does this by using your ultimate ability near allies.

Due to Wattson’s passive ability, ultimate accelerants will automatically restore the full ultimate charge. It is important that you take advantage of this and store these for later use. Up to 3 ultimate Pylons can be deployed at once. Wattson is great for late game scenarios and should be paired with Pathfinder because of her ability to get high ground for the team.

Be sure to carry long-range weapons to be effective here. If you have any questions or interesting tips that are not found in this guide please feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

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