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Complete Apex Legends Ranked Series 1 Information

By 02/07/2019News

Hey everyone!

Respawn has introduced ranked mode into Apex Legends on July 2nd, together with brand new Season 2. Let’s dig in!

When Does Apex Legends Series 1 End?

Series 1 ends on October 1st, with the end of Battle Pass Season 2.

How Does Apex Legends Ranked Mode Work?

– Many other games like Overwatch or League of Legends call their ranked seasons, just seasons. However, in Apex Legends they’re called Series. Coincidentally, first ranked series starts with Season 2, but that might not be the case in future.

– Has 6 tiers, Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond – Apex Predator

– Each tier except Apex Predator has 4 divisions (e.g. Bronze IV, III, II, I)

– The currency that is awarded after games and for entering games is RP (Ranked Points).

– Entering matches costs RP. Playing ranked when you’re bronze is free, Silver 1 RP, Gold 2 RP, Platinum 3 RP, Diamond 4 RP, Apex Predator 5 RP.

– You can gain up to 5 RP by killing enemies, each kill is 1 point up to a maximum of 5.

– Finishing as Champion awards you 12 RP, Top 3 is 7 RP, Top 5 is 4 RP, and Top 10 is 2 RP.

– You can progress through divisions and tiers by gaining RP. You can drop a division (e.g. from Bronze II to Bronze III) by losing RP, however, you cannot drop between tiers (e.g. from Gold to Silver). When you’re at, for instance, 280 RP, which is the minimum RP to be in Gold, you will not lose any more RP by performing poorly, until you gain a little and then you can lose again until you reach 280 RP.

– There is no “average MMR” when playing with friends in Apex. MMR to find a match is taken explicitly from the highest player in the party.

– Penalties exist, and they are in the form of time. The first penalty is 5 minutes, and it can go up to a week. You will be penalized if you leave matches during legend select, leaving when alive or leaving when you’re dead but can still be respawned.

– Loss forgiveness exists and is similar to Elite queue. When your teammates leave or your client drops you when it’s not your fault, you will not lose any RP. However, if your score will result in a positive RP, there will be no forgiveness even if a player drops or game disconnects you.

For full patch notes, press here.

Let’s move on to rewards.



  • Bronze – Badge
  • Silver – Badge
  • Gold – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic
  • Platinum – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic
  • Diamond – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic, Dive Trail
  • Apex Predator – Badge, Weapon Cosmetic, Dive Trail

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