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How to Play Lifeline Like a Pro – Ultimate Guide

By 05/03/2019News

This article will be your Zen to have you playing like a top Lifeline player in no time! Lifeline is a support hero capable of healing her team without the use of items. This alone makes her a near essential pick, but how many of her viable uses are going unnoticed? How many of her abilities are being used improperly? Let’s first dive into her abilities.

Passive Ability: Combat Medic

Arguably one of the most useful passive abilities in Apex Legends, Lifeline provides her team with a shield wall to revive that is UNBREAKABLE. She also revives 25% quicker, making it important to have your lifeline be the one reviving if possible. Remember during this you are not invincible as you are vulnerable from the back/side. If you do hear enemies be sure to stop the revive to avoid dying from behind! Your shield will go down instantly after you bring your teammate up. In addition to the quicker revive, she also uses healing items 25% quicker. This allows lifeline the ability to take quick cover and heal quickly during fights.

Tactical: Drone of Compassion Heal Drone (D.O.C)

Lifeline’s tactical ability is very useful in early game situations to provide heals for your team when they may not be abundant. It is also possible to rejuvenate health without being constricted. This could allow you to simultaneously repair shields, watch for enemies, or loot nearby death crates. It also allows engaging gunfights while being healed if used with the correct cover.

Ultimate: Care Package

For Lifeline’s ultimate ability, she drops a care package containing 3 items. This is particularly viable for the chance of receiving high tier armour, helmets, backpacks, legendary weapons, and attachments. This is crucial to receive high tier loot during low kill games where loot may not be as easy to come by. Make sure to check out our landing guide on how to get the best loot. Racking up kills is definitely the best way to get a lot of loot in a hurry, but it could also be dangerous as you put yourself at risk of dying or being third partied during gunfights. These Care Packages could allow you to rack up loot while staying relatively safe.

Lifeline Tips and Tricks

With the obvious out of the way let’s dive into some tips and tricks to help you make game-saving plays!

1. As previously mentioned your shield is unbreakable, and it gives the most amount of cover as a Lifeline player. A good strategy to use would be to start reviving to bring up the shield, and then turn and shoot. You will be able to shoot immediately after letting the revive button go. This could be tricky at first, but it can definitely leave your opponents off guard and give you a better opportunity for a kill.

2. Both Lifeline’s Passive ability of faster healing and heal drone allow her to heal up quickly while taking brief cover. Unlike other legends, she does not have the best abilities to get her out of tight situations. With this in mind, it is important to make sure to play accordingly! Try to stay behind cover where you can quickly peak behind to heal up before getting back into the fight.

3. With positioning in mind consider the guns you pick up. Lifeline should not be the legend running around the front lines, save that for your Wraith or Bangalore. The optimal loadout I personally look for is a Longbow and a Peacekeeper shotgun/R99 submachine gun.

The Longbow (Can be replaced with a G7 Scout, Kraber, or even Wingman/Spitfire for those who do not like sniping) is used to deal effective damage from far range. This allows Lifeline to sit behind a rock, building, or other covers easily and heal without much contest from the enemies. I use the Peacekeeper/R99 Sub (Can be replaced with any shotgun or submachine gun) to have a good close range gun in case I get rushed, or if I need to move into the fight to be able to provide heals or a revive to my team. The combination of long range/close range plays particularly well for Lifeline because of this.

4. Make sure to use your Healing Drone as much as possible. The cooldown is rather long compared to other legends, but I can not tell you how underutilized it is. If positioned correctly, you can engage fights while being healed, sitting behind cover giving you a huge advantage in a gunfight. It can also be used to keep you or your team safe inside the storm for extended periods of time. Often times there are several teams fighting just inside the ring.

With a smart Lifeline player, you can keep your team safely in the storm with your drone until it is advantageous to come out and clean up the remaining squads. Heal drones can also be used to deliver tags to the beacon in late game situations when all of the beacons are in the storm. This has personally been a make or break difference for me several times.

5. Lifeline’s care package ability can be extremely useful for acquiring lthe oot for your team, particularly shields. Typically, the best way to get loot is by killing enemies. Lifeline allows you to be in position to still have good loot with a couple of care packages, for games where your team does not have an abundance of kills. It also allows your team the ability to play slow if necessary without worrying about not having a good kit for late game situations.

Lifeline has one of the longest cooldowns for abilities. For this reason it would be wise to let her hold any Gold Helmets you find. This allows faster cooldowns for her abilities which can be vital. In addition to this would be the ultimate accelerants. They can be found pretty commonly and should also be pinged or held for your Lifeline to use. These ultimate accelerants add 20% ultimate charge and can be used to farm care packages yielding your team much better loot.

Care Package Usage

Perhaps the most common mistake made by Lifeline players is the usage of Care Packages. First and foremost everybody should know, DO NOT STAND UNDER THEM. It will kill you and you cannot be revived. It is also important to know the difference between a supply drop which is generated by the game, and a care package which is thrown in by a lifeline.

Although they make similar sounds, you will be able to see the supply drops marked by 3 moving blue rings on the map. These packages come down much slower and will probably attract many enemies. Lifeline Care Packages come in much faster and are not marked by the minimap. Enemies can still hear the package from far distances, so expect danger coming soon after calling one in! With that out of the way make sure to keep in mind some crucial Dos and Dont’s.


– Call in the Care Package while running into the storm
– Call in the Care Package While running behind enemies
– Try to go for the loot in a team fight
– Be a loot hog (If you want your teammates to continue to play around you by giving you helmets, Ultimate Accelerants etc, don’t be that guy that calls loot and gets mad if someone else gets it. Be a team player!)
– Call in during a late game situation when it is not needed (It will give away your position)


– Call in as much as possible
– Designate other two teammates to check the surrounding area and not have 3 people staring at the package. (Ensure them you will share loot and work together!)
– Use Care Package as bait. In late game situations, you may be able to fool your enemies by throwing a care package away from your team, to throw them off. Just be careful you don’t accidentally give them extra loot!
– Use the care package as cover. In late game situations with small circles sometime a care package could be your only choice. It’s not much but it can definitely be useful to throw your Heal Drone behind and get shots off!

lifeline comic


Lifeline is a great legend and is almost essential to a winning team. Just please remember you are a support player! This means that your role is not to run around the map rushing full squads. If that is your playstyle then Lifeline might not be the legend for you! Remember to always have a long range weapon. You are most effective at long range as you can quickly heal while taking cover. This is easiest to do at long range so enemies to rush you as you try to do this.

Also, be sure to have a close-range backup weapon as most good enemies will realize this and try to fight you up close. Actively use your heal drone, and care packages (Making sure to be safe while doing so). Be sure to call for Ultimate Accelerants and Gold Helmets if any are around! If you have particular struggles or questions on things in this article or something that may have been left out feel free to comment or reach out!

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