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Make Gibby Great Again | Ultimate Gibraltar Guide And Tricks

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide

We all dread the achievements and Battle Pass incentives which require playing Gibraltar. Hopefully only for now in Season 1 because if you’re reading this, I surely hope Gibby is in much better shape by now!

    UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019 – He is now a pretty decent legend to play, yay!

Gibraltar is bulky, seemingly snail-like, and has no abilities to increase movement. While he may seem under matched, Gibraltar has unique uses which can make him very viable.
This guide will have you surviving and thriving playing Gibraltar in no time!

Gibraltar Overview and Abilities

Gibraltar is a tank that is played very similar to Caustic. Luckily, Gibraltar is free for use and does not need to be unlocked in the shop. Like Caustic, he is also given a 15% damage
reduction on all bullets taken. This tubby (insert expletives here) is not much of a fan favorite, however, he can be extremely useful in supporting your team to victory.

Gibraltar is personally one of my highest win rate legends, because of his ability to succeed in late-game fights. Here is a further breakdown of Gibraltar’s abilities.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

This ability allows Gibraltar to throw down a shield that will block all incoming AND OUTGOING attacks for 15 seconds.

● The dome gives teammates inside 30% faster healing and shielding.

● The shield is a true dome so be careful the shield is not sticking out as you can be shot from underneath. If you place the shield on uneven ground it is possible to shoot/be shot through the bottom of the shield. Use this to your advantage as many enemies will not realize this.

● One great way to escape with Gibraltar is to use your shield. If you want to run from a fight, it is recommended to place down your shield and keep running. Even though you are outside of the shield, the enemies will not be able to get bullets passed the shield. This gives you plenty of time to get to cover and heal up, or avoid the fight completely.

● Be careful not to panic shield. When getting shot at, it takes about a second and a half to actually deploy from the time you hit your ability button. At this time a smart thing to do would be to turn around and look down or strafe to avoid bullets/headshot damage. Particularly if you have weak body armor, this could be the difference between life and death.

● Punching enemies is a fairly effective strategy if a fight occurs inside the shield. As no one can shoot through the shield itself, punching an enemy will knock them back out of
the shield. This will create the necessary space to get the enemy out of the shield.
It is also a guaranteed hit. I would recommend hip firing and punching to get maximum damage/efficiency. This way if your enemy moves back into the shield before being punched the bullets will hit him as well.

● Use an effective weapon loadout to give yourself an advantage in Dome Shield fights. In these fights, you would like a gun with high burst damage, and a gun very effective at close range. A great choice is always the Havoc with Selectfire hop up attachment. This enables Gibraltar to charge up to a shot inside the shield, step outside and fire away.

A good choice for a secondary would be a shotgun or a high DPS submachine gun. A perfect fit here would be the Peacekeeper with Precision Choke hop up attachment. The Peacekeeper is a high tier list weapon packing a lot of damage in bursts. Similar to the Havoc, Gibraltar can safely navigate the shield to his advantage in order to get off a high damage charged shot.

● You can effectively use the Dome Shield by placing it over a Wraith portal. This will allow teammates to teleport safely.

● If you have an Octane on your squad, encourage him to use his launch pad ability inside the shield if stuck in a sticky situation. This can allow teammates to safely exit the area
as the shield is about to go away.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield

The Gun Shield blocks half bullet damage (up to 100 health) when deployed. This gun shield is automatically deployed when scoping in and aiming. This shield can be toggled, however, outside of trying to stick out less there is not much use for this.

● Unlike other Legends where it may be optimal to hip fire/strafe, the game is changed with Gibraltar. Despite your large hitbox size and minimal mobility, if you land your bullets you
will likely outgun an enemy because of the damage mitigation of the Gun Shield and the 10% overall mitigation. Don’t get too overzealous, if your enemy has a high DPS gun he
will still kill you as most bullets will land.

● As your best bet is to stay scoped in you should look for cover to stay behind. If possible find an area where only a small part of your body/head are sticking out. This area is
known as a headglitch.
Head Glitching can be very effective as it cuts down on the size of your hitbox the enemy can shoot, evening out your odds of winning a gunfight.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

With the Defensive Bombardment, Gibraltar throws down a mortar strike on your target dealing 40 damage per mortar hit. This ability is similar to the ultimate ability of Bangalore, however, it covers a shorter range. It also takes effect much quicker and deals more damage. Be sure to get out of the way as this strike will damage yourself as well!

● You can use this ability as an area clearer. This can be particularly effective to get enemies to run away from a vantage point, cover, or high ground. and shoot them while

● Although the strike will damage yourself, it will not damage teammates. It will slightly stun them if they are inside the strike, however, it will not deal damage to your

● The strike will not enter any buildings, ceilings, or any structural roofs. A good strategy to use if you have enemies on top of you is to through the airstrike at your feet. An
example of this good be in Market. Often teams camp on top of the Market for a good vantage point. From the bottom of the Market you can throw down the airstrike and shoot
enemies as they drop down, or watch your airstrike rack up the damage.

● Like Caustic’s Nox Grenade, Gibraltar has a long cooldown time on his ultimate. Be sure to use it efficiently. Ultimate accelerants will also be very beneficial to pick up here.

● Perhaps Gibraltar’s most useful attribute is his ability to cover nearly the whole area with his ultimate in the late-round circles. If given the opportunity, play slow and wait for the
small circle and set off the air strike. This will give your squad a great chance to win.

Gibraltar Gameplay Strategy

Gibraltar requires a very unique playstyle. His hitbox is very large, so it is imperative that you use your surroundings in order to play smart. Let’s take a few simple scenarios:

A Lifeline is Spotted out in the open what do you do?

● Your first “smart” option as Gibraltar would be to check your surroundings. Where is the nearest cover? If you have some cover where you can hide behind, call her out and
when your team is ready to start shooting. This play gives yourself a favorable gunfight as you have cover to take and your team will be around you.
If you start to lose health quickly, you can easily duck behind the cover and wait for your teammates to clean up as you heal.

You quickly notice there is no cover, now what?

● As Gibraltar, you have the luxury of making your own cover with the dome shield. This allows you to take as much damage as you’d like before backing inside the shield to heal
up or run away. This is another safe play that will allow your teammates to take out a squad safely, while effectively using the shield where your team will benefit from created cover.

The Lifeline with her team spots you, and your team is too far behind to give support, now what?

● Ahh, my personal favorite. The “Oh (insert appropriate expletive here)” moment. I’m playing Gibraltar and there’s a whole squad on me. First, try to get the shield down and
run straight back. This should give you some time to escape.

● If that is not enough, you have to rely on your ultimate ability. Throw the marker down just passed your feet. This will serve as a distraction allowing you to get to safety. If you
throw the airstrike at the enemies, they will likely chase you and find themselves away from the airstrike and in a position to damage you. Throwing the airstrike at your feet
prevents the enemy squad from chasing you. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to get out of the way.

A similar scenario seems to happen nearly every game. The key to success is having the discipline to know that your very overweight self will not be able to avoid the
bullets of nearly any capable enemy. This is perfectly fine, as long as you compensate for this by utilizing the above strategies.

Major Takeaways

It can be extremely frustrating to play as Gibraltar. Always keep the basics in mind.

● Although it may not seem like it, you are actually the same speed as every other Legend outside of using your abilities.

● You will mitigate 10% damage dealt to make up for your very large hitbox.

● Get used to a slow, methodical, playstyle. Movements should be tactical at all times, and you should be wary of where your teammates are.

● You are more than likely not going to win straight on gunfights, so do the little things that would allow you advantage in gunfights, like hiding behind cover.

● Stay scoped in during the gunfight. Your Gun Shield will allow you to absorb a lot of damage which can be a huge savior.

● Be sure to carry an optimal loadout when creating your own Dome Shield cover! as both enemies and teammates can benefit from this, it is important that you carry a loadout which enables a high success rate for gunfights in the shield. Don’t be afraid to add punch as well. This will give you enough space to work with.

Maintain discipline! As bad as you might want to engage in gunfights, wait for the opportune time where you have the advantage.

Keep this article in the back of your head while you are trying to hold in the screams of playing Gibraltar. I guarantee you, success IS possible when playing him in the correct way. If
you want to succeed with him, it will likely take you altering your personal playstyle.

Feel free to comment on the article or experiences you have had playing this lovely lard. Best of luck! 🙂

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