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Buy Premium Apex Legends Boosting on All Platforms & Regions Now

By 07/04/2019News

What kind of services you provide?

Our goal is to provide the fastest, safest and most carefree way of helping gamers from the whole world achieve their dream wins, kills and badges. Therefore we provide:

Wins boosting
Kills boosting
Account Leveling
Achievement and Badges boosting

For most of our services we also offer the ability for you to play on your own account with our team in order to achieve the goal by your own, with a little push from our professionals. Simply check the “SQUAD” box found on top of the product module.

We’re sure you will easily find your desired service, customize your boost, checkout and enjoy the rewards in no time. In case you need help, our Live Chat support is online 24/7 to help you.

Our services are, of course, available on PC, XBOX and PS4.

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Who Are Your Apex Legends Boosters?

Boosting Factory is well known for having an extremely professional approach to our business and our customers, therefore, we launched our Apex Legends boosting with the seriousness it deserves. We hired only the top-notch of the player base to boost your accounts. All your orders will be handled with the same precision and speed just like our other services such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm boosting.

We hire only players with a 6 to 1 Kills to Games Played ratio. Meaning that if a booster has played 1000 games in their career, he needs to have at least 6000 kills or 6 kills per game. Considering that in many games you simply die at the start unluckily, disconnect or leave, the boosters average over 10 kills per game on a normal day.

Why Should I purchase my Apex Legends boost from Boosting Factory?

Glad that you’ve asked. We have a perfect page for you. Why Us? lays out multiple reasons why are we the perfect choice for you.

Hundreds of legitimate reviews under the product module show that we are indeed a Premium boosting service a tier above everyone else. Boosting Factory is an industry leader that opens up the services for our favorite games on the very first day of the game’s launch.

How Do I Order Apex Legends boosting?

Step 1 – Select your desired service and customize your boost

Wins boosting
Kills boosting
Account Leveling
Achievement and Badges boosting

Step 2 – Checkout

Step 3 – Log in and track/play on your order!

Do you have guides as well?

Yes! Our players also write completely free of charge guides that you can find in our Blog. For example, Apex Legends Weapon Tier List, Bangalore guide and many more…

Happy hunting!

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