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These Are The Best Apex Legends Weapons Tier List [DECEMBER 2019]

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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of question what is the best Apex Legends weapon in the game, and what is the best loadout, so today, I’m going to show you what I and my team agree on to be the best weapons in the game.

My team and I are all Apex Predator players that play the game as a real job, therefore we depend on knowing what are the best Apex weapons in order to perform at the highest level.

Below you will find the Apex Legends weapon tier list and explanations for S, A and B tier and why I believe they’re the best. Let’s start!

apex legends best weapons tier list

Best Apex Legends Weapon


Not much to say here except that it’s an amazing legendary sniper with a lot of potential for headshot one-shots. It’s quite situational and rare. You don’t want to have it with low ammo if you don’t expect that you will either be stuck with no loot to replace it or in a late-game ring where there will be no mid to long-range combat. Therefore, don’t just blindly use it, and if you do, make sure to use it well so you can grab another weapon that you can gear up quick, like a Peacekeeper or EVA-8.


Another legendary item, this time a shotgun. Pretty good all-round, you have limited ammo so don’t waste it and learn how to aim with it (in training mode) because it has a weird aim, not like a regular shotgun.


Our first non-legendary weapon on the Apex Legends weapon tier list. Peacekeeper has been great since the launch of the game and still is, definitely S tier. Pro-tip for when using choke – allow it to charge a little by aiming down sights, then cancel the ADS and you will still have the charge for a few seconds even when not aiming ADS.


Even though they keep nerfing Wingman, removed the Skullpiercer, reducing its headshot damage multiplier. Wingman is still an amazing weapon. However, there’s a little catch – don’t take it unless you have a ton of practice with it. A good player will shine with a Wingman but a bad player will be a waste of space with it.


Since the nerf of R-301, R-99 has taken its spot. R-99 got its batch of nerfs too. However, there’s a catch just like with a Wingman. An amazing player will be able to clip down enemies in a single mag, a bad player won’t land anything due to its huge recoil. Make sure to get that light mag ASAP.

Charge Rifle

Oh boy, when this rifle got in the game it was an S tier by far. But the developers did a couple of rounds of nerfs, slowed the fire rate, removed the energy mag from it and now you have 4 shots in a 12 round magazine. I’ve decided to put it to an A-tier because it isn’t that good anymore and is quite situational like all snipers. However, A tier is still pretty good and don’t hesitate to pick it up if you feel confident.


Flatline got quite buffed for Season 3, and can now attach an Anvil hop-up that turns your semi-auto fire mode into a beast! An overall pretty decent weapon, if you can get your hands on an Anvil this is an S tier by far.


Longbow used to be good, then bad, now it’s buffed again a little and I believe it deserves an A-tier spot. Overall a good sniper since the launch of the game. For an expert sniper, it’s much better than Charge Rifle since enemies can’t dodge and hide when you’re shooting at them, unlike Charge Rifle. A hit is a hit, and a headshot deals massive damage.


A second shotgun, still in pretty good shape, and even got a Double Tap hop-up recently, you need to learn how to control it with a Double Tap because you’ll just be wasting ammo in the mag and ammo overall if you don’t learn how to control it. Especially because you run out of ammo quite fast and you need to carry at least 32 shotgun (2 stacks) ammo at all times since you don’t want to run out of ammo at any point.

Triple Take

Triple Take also got it’s round of buffs throughout the seasons. What’s good about this sniper is a fast fire-rate, low shot fall-off (near hitscan), ability for you to actually hip-fire at enemies at close range if needed, finish them off with fast low damage shots, or let it charge up as soon as you get Choke hop-up that’s not that rare and do serious long-range damage.


This beauty is one of my personal favorites, however, recent nerfs caused it to be a subpar choice compared to R-99. It’s still a better choice for people who can’t manage R-99 recoil, and on top of that, it gives steady mid-range damage unlike R-99. You can also attach an Anvil on it, but I don’t prefer to use it on it since Flatline is a much better choice for an Anvil.

G-7 Scout

G-7 got it’s time to shine in Season 3, some would argue that it’s even an A-tier weapon. Its damage was buffed, it can attach a Double Tap, it can do serious damage in close combat and mid-range combat and the projectile width was increased too. However, I don’t prefer it as there’s much better weapons out there (read above), but it’s not a shabby weapon like it used to be since you usually find it early game easily.


This one is an alternative for R-99 players who prefer to use a heavy weapon that does more damage than light mags, but a slightly slower fire rate. Heavy weapons also slow down unfortified enemies (Caustic and Gibby can’t be slowed). It’s a good idea to have a Prowler player in combination with an R-99 user, so you can benefit from insane close-range damage and slowing effects. A Selectfire hop-up is also an absolute must and make sure to get it ASAP. With the hop-up, Prowler is easily A tier.


Definitely not my weapon of choice since I don’t prefer burst weapons, but Hemlok is not that bad if you know how to play that style. Definitely B tier.


Havoc is a decent weapon, very good for players who can’t manage recoil as I find it very “forgiving”. A lot of bullets in the mag and not that huge recoil, you ought to hit something with over 30 bullets or more with mags attached. With Turbocharger and at least level 2 mag it definitely becomes A tier.

To sum it up

There it is, I didn’t cover the other tiers because those weapons are just not that good and should be replaced as soon as you get one from the list above.

I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave a comment and check out our Apex Legends characters tier list that we regularly update to find out the best Apex characters for you to play. And of course, our Apex Legends boosting services so we can help you out with your RP and badges ASAP. Good luck!

Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide

Make Gibby Great Again | Ultimate Gibraltar Guide And Tricks

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We all dread the achievements and Battle Pass incentives which require playing Gibraltar. Hopefully only for now in Season 1 because if you’re reading this, I surely hope Gibby is in much better shape by now!

    UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019 – He is now a pretty decent legend to play, yay!

Gibraltar is bulky, seemingly snail-like, and has no abilities to increase movement. While he may seem under matched, Gibraltar has unique uses which can make him very viable.
This guide will have you surviving and thriving playing Gibraltar in no time!

Gibraltar Overview and Abilities

Gibraltar is a tank that is played very similar to Caustic. Luckily, Gibraltar is free for use and does not need to be unlocked in the shop. Like Caustic, he is also given a 15% damage
reduction on all bullets taken. This tubby (insert expletives here) is not much of a fan favorite, however, he can be extremely useful in supporting your team to victory.

Gibraltar is personally one of my highest win rate legends, because of his ability to succeed in late-game fights. Here is a further breakdown of Gibraltar’s abilities.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

This ability allows Gibraltar to throw down a shield that will block all incoming AND OUTGOING attacks for 15 seconds.

● The dome gives teammates inside 30% faster healing and shielding.

● The shield is a true dome so be careful the shield is not sticking out as you can be shot from underneath. If you place the shield on uneven ground it is possible to shoot/be shot through the bottom of the shield. Use this to your advantage as many enemies will not realize this.

● One great way to escape with Gibraltar is to use your shield. If you want to run from a fight, it is recommended to place down your shield and keep running. Even though you are outside of the shield, the enemies will not be able to get bullets passed the shield. This gives you plenty of time to get to cover and heal up, or avoid the fight completely.

● Be careful not to panic shield. When getting shot at, it takes about a second and a half to actually deploy from the time you hit your ability button. At this time a smart thing to do would be to turn around and look down or strafe to avoid bullets/headshot damage. Particularly if you have weak body armor, this could be the difference between life and death.

● Punching enemies is a fairly effective strategy if a fight occurs inside the shield. As no one can shoot through the shield itself, punching an enemy will knock them back out of
the shield. This will create the necessary space to get the enemy out of the shield.
It is also a guaranteed hit. I would recommend hip firing and punching to get maximum damage/efficiency. This way if your enemy moves back into the shield before being punched the bullets will hit him as well.

● Use an effective weapon loadout to give yourself an advantage in Dome Shield fights. In these fights, you would like a gun with high burst damage, and a gun very effective at close range. A great choice is always the Havoc with Selectfire hop up attachment. This enables Gibraltar to charge up to a shot inside the shield, step outside and fire away.

A good choice for a secondary would be a shotgun or a high DPS submachine gun. A perfect fit here would be the Peacekeeper with Precision Choke hop up attachment. The Peacekeeper is a high tier list weapon packing a lot of damage in bursts. Similar to the Havoc, Gibraltar can safely navigate the shield to his advantage in order to get off a high damage charged shot.

● You can effectively use the Dome Shield by placing it over a Wraith portal. This will allow teammates to teleport safely.

● If you have an Octane on your squad, encourage him to use his launch pad ability inside the shield if stuck in a sticky situation. This can allow teammates to safely exit the area
as the shield is about to go away.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield

The Gun Shield blocks half bullet damage (up to 100 health) when deployed. This gun shield is automatically deployed when scoping in and aiming. This shield can be toggled, however, outside of trying to stick out less there is not much use for this.

● Unlike other Legends where it may be optimal to hip fire/strafe, the game is changed with Gibraltar. Despite your large hitbox size and minimal mobility, if you land your bullets you
will likely outgun an enemy because of the damage mitigation of the Gun Shield and the 10% overall mitigation. Don’t get too overzealous, if your enemy has a high DPS gun he
will still kill you as most bullets will land.

● As your best bet is to stay scoped in you should look for cover to stay behind. If possible find an area where only a small part of your body/head are sticking out. This area is
known as a headglitch.
Head Glitching can be very effective as it cuts down on the size of your hitbox the enemy can shoot, evening out your odds of winning a gunfight.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

With the Defensive Bombardment, Gibraltar throws down a mortar strike on your target dealing 40 damage per mortar hit. This ability is similar to the ultimate ability of Bangalore, however, it covers a shorter range. It also takes effect much quicker and deals more damage. Be sure to get out of the way as this strike will damage yourself as well!

● You can use this ability as an area clearer. This can be particularly effective to get enemies to run away from a vantage point, cover, or high ground. and shoot them while

● Although the strike will damage yourself, it will not damage teammates. It will slightly stun them if they are inside the strike, however, it will not deal damage to your

● The strike will not enter any buildings, ceilings, or any structural roofs. A good strategy to use if you have enemies on top of you is to through the airstrike at your feet. An
example of this good be in Market. Often teams camp on top of the Market for a good vantage point. From the bottom of the Market you can throw down the airstrike and shoot
enemies as they drop down, or watch your airstrike rack up the damage.

● Like Caustic’s Nox Grenade, Gibraltar has a long cooldown time on his ultimate. Be sure to use it efficiently. Ultimate accelerants will also be very beneficial to pick up here.

● Perhaps Gibraltar’s most useful attribute is his ability to cover nearly the whole area with his ultimate in the late-round circles. If given the opportunity, play slow and wait for the
small circle and set off the air strike. This will give your squad a great chance to win.

Gibraltar Gameplay Strategy

Gibraltar requires a very unique playstyle. His hitbox is very large, so it is imperative that you use your surroundings in order to play smart. Let’s take a few simple scenarios:

A Lifeline is Spotted out in the open what do you do?

● Your first “smart” option as Gibraltar would be to check your surroundings. Where is the nearest cover? If you have some cover where you can hide behind, call her out and
when your team is ready to start shooting. This play gives yourself a favorable gunfight as you have cover to take and your team will be around you.
If you start to lose health quickly, you can easily duck behind the cover and wait for your teammates to clean up as you heal.

You quickly notice there is no cover, now what?

● As Gibraltar, you have the luxury of making your own cover with the dome shield. This allows you to take as much damage as you’d like before backing inside the shield to heal
up or run away. This is another safe play that will allow your teammates to take out a squad safely, while effectively using the shield where your team will benefit from created cover.

The Lifeline with her team spots you, and your team is too far behind to give support, now what?

● Ahh, my personal favorite. The “Oh (insert appropriate expletive here)” moment. I’m playing Gibraltar and there’s a whole squad on me. First, try to get the shield down and
run straight back. This should give you some time to escape.

● If that is not enough, you have to rely on your ultimate ability. Throw the marker down just passed your feet. This will serve as a distraction allowing you to get to safety. If you
throw the airstrike at the enemies, they will likely chase you and find themselves away from the airstrike and in a position to damage you. Throwing the airstrike at your feet
prevents the enemy squad from chasing you. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to get out of the way.

A similar scenario seems to happen nearly every game. The key to success is having the discipline to know that your very overweight self will not be able to avoid the
bullets of nearly any capable enemy. This is perfectly fine, as long as you compensate for this by utilizing the above strategies.

Major Takeaways

It can be extremely frustrating to play as Gibraltar. Always keep the basics in mind.

● Although it may not seem like it, you are actually the same speed as every other Legend outside of using your abilities.

● You will mitigate 10% damage dealt to make up for your very large hitbox.

● Get used to a slow, methodical, playstyle. Movements should be tactical at all times, and you should be wary of where your teammates are.

● You are more than likely not going to win straight on gunfights, so do the little things that would allow you advantage in gunfights, like hiding behind cover.

● Stay scoped in during the gunfight. Your Gun Shield will allow you to absorb a lot of damage which can be a huge savior.

● Be sure to carry an optimal loadout when creating your own Dome Shield cover! as both enemies and teammates can benefit from this, it is important that you carry a loadout which enables a high success rate for gunfights in the shield. Don’t be afraid to add punch as well. This will give you enough space to work with.

Maintain discipline! As bad as you might want to engage in gunfights, wait for the opportune time where you have the advantage.

Keep this article in the back of your head while you are trying to hold in the screams of playing Gibraltar. I guarantee you, success IS possible when playing him in the correct way. If
you want to succeed with him, it will likely take you altering your personal playstyle.

Feel free to comment on the article or experiences you have had playing this lovely lard. Best of luck! 🙂

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Here Are The Best Apex Legends Characters Tier List [DECEMBER 2019]

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Hey everyone, today I’m going to show you the best Apex Characters to play in order to reach your dream RP.

I’m a pro player here at Boosting Factory and I earn for living by playing the game at the highest level, however, I want to help you as well!

Below you will find the Apex Legends Tier List in image format and explanation for why is each hero placed in each tier. Note that the list is valid for PC, XBOX, and PS4. Let’s dig in!

apex legends best characters tier list


Pathfinder has been S tier from the very start of Apex Legends. Initially, his hitbox was bugged and he was quite hard to hit, the developers have since fixed the hitbox bug but many players would argue that he is still too hard to hit – even the developers recognize that so they implemented the Low Profile trait which increases all damage taken by 5%.

His great mobility is what makes him S tier, short term mobility in form of his grapple which gives him the potential to change location fast and escape when needed. His ultimate provides him with the long-range mobility for both him and his team. He is definitely one of my favorites to play when I’m doing an Apex Legends boosting order.

In order to balance him out, in my opinion, the devs should increase the cooldown on his tactical.


Just like Pathfinder, Wraith has been S tier since the launch of Apex. Her hitbox has always been small due to her size, she was also nerfed with the Low Profile trait (5% increased damage).

What keeps her in S tier is pretty much that she’s still quite hard to hit, has an arguably quick escape from all damage with her tactical ability, however, she cannot open doors to hide herself while she’s in the Void and enemies can see where she is moving while she’s phased, meaning that if you don’t hide before the ability is over you can be killed easily.

Her ultimate ability provides her and her team with a quick escape or simply a reposition to a more favorable location, which is especially useful in the late game when the circles are getting smaller and you need to secure the best location for your team.

In order to balance her out, the dev team should probably increase the cooldown on her ultimate ability.


Bangalore is, in my opinion, a balanced legend. Her hitbox is fairly sized and she does not have a Low Profile trait meaning that her damage taken is not increased.

Her tactical ability is a smoke grenade of which she holds 2 charges. A smoke grenade is extremely useful for her and her team to relocate safely, especially in the late game, or simply to escape a dangerous situation when under fire.

The ultimate ability is an airstrike that allows her to drop a series of rockets on the ground, which is very useful as a zoning tool which enables her and her team to either push the enemy team out of a certain location or escape from an enemy team that is chasing her or her teammates.


Crypto is a legend that requires a different playstyle. Coordination and strategy are more important than pure mechanical skills. When you properly utilize him, you can gain an incredible advantage over reckless teams who rely solely on their mechanical skills.

Crypto’s tactical – the drone, allows you to scout for enemy teams, loot boxes, traps, pick up banners of dead players, open doors or even get info about nearby squads when you place the drone near the big posters that are showcasing players.

The ultimate ability can slow and damage enemy players, destroy Caustic’s traps, Wattson’s fences and pylon, Lifeline’s heal drone, and Gibby’s dome – meaning that Crypto counters camping compositions.


Lifeline used to be the S tier on our Apex Legends Tier List. However, her lack of mobility has pushed her out of the GOD tier due to the new map being larger than the first one, her lack of mobility is now showing.

Also, her heal drone is now destroyed within 2 ticks of the circle so she cannot use the outer circle and camp during the first two. The circles are also doing more damage than ever before.

She still makes a great addition to pretty much any team due to her heal drone and ultimate ability that provides the team with loot.

Her passive, however, is one of the best in-game allowing her to resurrect people faster while being shielded which allows her to make amazing game-changing plays. She also self heals and shields faster.


Gibraltar has been buffed throughout the patches and is now playable. Some players are even saying he’s at least A tier due to buffs to his Dome and shorter cooldown on his ultimate that not only allows zoning but also heavy damage to players hit.

His hitbox, unlike Low Profile legends, is quite big which made him unplayable for a decent time since the launch of Apex Legends. It’s not usual for characters to have different hitboxes in an FPS game, especially when the hitbox is larger than the rest of the roster. Therefore, Gibby has been given the Fortified trait which reduces his damage taken by 15%.

His passive ability is a shield that triggers when he’s aiming down sights and can block up to 75 damage, which is similar to having a second blue vest on yourself. It’s worth noting that the shield does not have the Fortified trait.


Octane has been an average legend since he was released. He fits any rush composition due to his high mobility from his tactical ability.

His ultimate ability – jump pad, gives both him and his team some mobility and ability to relocate defensively or offensively. However, I believe that it’s an inferior version of Pathfinder’s and Wraith’s mobility abilities also known as mobilities, haha.

He is quite good for solo modes and uncoordinated teams because he can capitalize on rushing and relying on the element of surprise combined with a close-range weapon loadout, however, in competitive play coordinated play he just does not have a place, for now.


Wattson was imagined as a legend that counters aggressive teams who prefer to rush and take advantage of slow players, something like Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane composition.

However, in order to utilize Wattson fully, you need a very patient team and coordination, which many teams simply do not have. She is arguably A tier when played in a proper composition and coordinated players.

Her fences allow her to make a little bunker inside any, preferably closed area which slows and dazes players who pass through them. Her ultimate ability compliments the tactical ability by denying any grenades (including your team’s) and air strikes. and slowly recharges shields of any friendly or enemy players in the range of it.

Wattson’s passive ability is quite disappointing and should probably be reworked to balance her out.


Mirage’s hitbox isn’t too big but compared to other legends’ power he is simply too big. He is also better suited for solo modes and uncoordinated teams due to his fairly selfish abilities and extremely useless ultimate that was buffed – and still remained useless.

His passive is also quite useless for coordinated ranked play against players that are not stupid.

In my opinion, Mirage either needs a complete rework, or at least a semi-Fortified trait (3-5% reduction) or 2 charges on his Bamboozle ability or that it makes him invisible for a couple of seconds allowing him to relocate.


Bloodhound is a legend who also has a too large hitbox, compared to his raw power. His abilities are useful and decent but could use a little tweaking/buffing to make him more viable. He is great in solos, uncoordinated and coordinated teams, but simply lacks some buffing. Our whole team would really enjoy seeing him buffed and viable.


Oh, boy. Caustic is another hero that was given the Fortified trait due to his large hitbox. His tactical ability is just not good enough when you’re facing coordinated players that easily destroy or simply avoid your traps.

His ultimate ability is pretty decent, however, your team still can’t see properly through all the poison gas and that’s very detrimental to the performance of the team, and in my opinion, friendly players should be able to see through the gas, which is ironically his passive. Quite sad.

He needs urgent buffs in order to become remotely viable.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed my tier list and that it will help you reach the rankings you dreamed of. However, if you still need a little push to reach your desired RP or get those badges you always wanted, check out our Apex Boost services and order today, I’ll be waiting! 🙂


Apex Legends – These Are the Best Landing and Loot Spots in World’s Edge (Tips & Tricks)

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Apex Legends’ Season 3 has brought us a brand new map called World’s Edge. In this guide, I will tell you what’s new with the map, the best landing spots for the best loot to risk ratio and a couple of tips & tricks.

My name is Blink and I’m a professional Apex Predator player here at Boosting Factory. In order to do my job in Apex Legends boosting team at the highest level, I needed to assemble this guide first for myself, then for you guys.

I’ll try to keep it short and clear not to use too much of your time, so let’s dig in.

New Apex Legends Map World’s Edge – What’s New?

  • The new Apex Legends map is actually larger than Kings Canyon, about twice the size! This was a well-needed change to lessen the number of 3rd party encounters. You will also spend more time traveling between areas in open-world which could result in more sniping encounters (Thank god for Charge Rifle).
  • The map focuses more on vertical rather than horizontal areas, you will find buildings with multiple floors.
  • The supply ship is not present but there’s a train that that travels around the map, you can board it and grab loot from the wagons and loot boxes. Just like the ship, you will often find multiple squads and engage in a good old brawl.
  • A new feature called Vaults is added, exactly 3 vaults are placed around the map that requires a Vault key to unlock and feature high and legendary tier loot.
  • There are no more flyers, but rather spheres that I like to call eggs (:D). They change colors and you can destroy them in order for them to drop loot that will be in the rarity of the color you managed to destroy it.

The Top 3 Landing Spots in Apex Legends New Map World’s Edge

Note that these are my personal opinions and some players might disagree. I also suggest you rotate 3 of these or another 3 of your favorite spots in order to learn the area well and do better when fighting there at the start of the game.

1. Skyhook

Located in the north-west edge of the map, you are well protected from all but two sides – the one from Epicenter, and the one from Drill Sites. Surrounded by many mountains, this is one of my best spots with plenty of loot for your whole squad.

However, you may face multiple squads here so be prepared to fight, this isn’t a lone area of the map, but the risk-reward is, in my opinion, the best. The zone features 26 supply bins. There are a jump tower and a zipline to get the hell away if necessary.

apex legends skyhook

2. The Dome

The dome is located in the south-east area of the map. Once again you’re protected from many sides and you can expect enemy squads from Lava City, as the players from Sorting Factory rarely go for the Dome after they clear out Sorting Factory.

There’s plenty of loot (22 loot boxes) for your squad and the population is medium as it’s a very edgy area (pun intended). There’s a jump tower to the north when you need to redeploy or escape.

apex legends the dome

3. Refinery

A smaller zone when compared to Skyhook and The Dome, however, it offers a surprisingly good amount of loot (25 loot boxes) for a small zone.

If you notice more than 1 squad going for it, especially if you’re slower to them, try redirecting to the Epicenter as many players avoid that area due to being “too hot”, and that may be your chance to get The Epicenter all of yourself.

apex legends refinery

The Safest Landing Zone In The New Apex Legends Map

Lava City

Not many people go to this zone and it offers medium loot (15 loot boxes). Your only worry is players from the Dome. However, you will probably loot it faster than they loot The Dome and escape on time if needed.

After you’re done you go can for The Geyser which is also often a safe zone but you will probably get in a brawl there.

Remaining Landing Zones In World’s Edge

The Epicenter

This zone is a hit or miss, it’s fairly close to Capitol City which in my opinion is one of the worst zones to land with lots of RNG and 3rd party potential. The zone features only 15 loot boxes.

The Epicenter is fairly popular while being a small zone, therefore, land there only if you don’t see any other squads coming in.

apex legends worlds edge map loot rarity

Drill Site

A small zone that’s not quite popular, the loot is fairly small and only enough for one squad.

Land in this zone only if you’re the only squad. It features 13 loot boxes. There are 2 zip lines inside the zone that you can ride to loot faster and get away asap.


A medium-sized zone, pretty decent for one squad, or at least if you’re the faster squad out of two squads coming in. It features 19 loot boxes.

Not so popular, however, you might be needing to go to Capitol City and that, in my opinion, is not a good thing.

Lava Fissure

Large zone next to Drill Site. It features 29 loot boxes which are a great amount but there’s a lot of traveling through it.

Not so popular so it’s a decent landing zone. You will be mostly heading to Sorting Factory after.

Capitol City

Large zone with a small number of loot boxes and terrible RNG. Being 3rd partied there is your regular day.

Consider it a new Skull Town. Ugh. I really don’t suggest landing here during your Apex Legends ranked games.

The Train Yard

Medium-sized zone with not such a great loot even though there are 26 loot boxes if you include the tunnels.

It’s a fairly central place with Capitol City train track on the right, Lava Fissure on the left and Drill site on the northwest. Not an ideal zone for me.

The only good thing is that you can catch a train out of there.

Fuel Depot

A small zone with only 12 loot boxes, one of the lowest on the whole map. Also, a very central zone surrounded by basically everything. I would go to this zone as a last resort only and if you’re the only squad. Featuring 12 loot boxes.

This zone is only good if you’re an aggressive team that likes to push one of the other zones, grab kills and take their loot. By no standard, this is a zone for a chill game.

The Geyser

Medium-sized zone with the nice geyser in the middle that propels you in the air and gives you a jetpack to land wherever you want again.

Not so popular zone and fairly safe, in my opinion, it’s a good landing spot even if there’s another squad coming in. It features 17 loot boxes.

Thermal Station

A huge zone on the southwest part of the map. Fairly well protected and has tons of loot including 48 loot boxes.

It will take you a while to clear it up but you will 99% of time face more squads there. At least try not to land in the very center of it.

Sorting Factory

Another large zone popular among squads that feature tons of loot, exactly 44 loot boxes.

However, it’s a fairly central area surrounded by many other zones on top of you probably facing many squads in there already. Similar to Capitol City, I’d avoid unless you want a Skull Townish experience.

The Tree

And the last one, The Tree. Very small zone with only 13 loot boxes. Good for a chill match with not many squads landing here.

But I’d land here only if I attempt to 3rd party the Sorting Factory or Thermal Stations. Don’t expect a chill game, only looting here will be chill, action follows shortly after.

World’s Edge Tips & Tricks

  • 1. When shooting at the loot sphere (egg), aim for the drone carrying it and try to use a heavy weapon or a sniper to one-shot it for the color you want. After blue color, Legendary follows and be prepared to hit it. If you hit the egg, it has more HP and it may not break, also being directly under the egg that you just broke can result in damage to you or even death!
  • 2. Be careful not to stand in front of the train, it can kill you.
  • 3. Vault keys drop from Legendary eggs, but they’re not that rare and you will see which Vaults have been opened and which have not. But if you go for a locked one, be careful about squads camping the spot or a different squad going for the same vault.
  • 4. Snipers are a great choice on this map, Charge Rifle especially due to it being a hitscan weapon. Remember, the map is larger with more open areas.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful new map that breathes in fresh air into Apex Legends. I hope you learned a lot.

Let me know what you think about my zones and tips in the comment section below. 🙂

apex legends crypto guide

Apex Legends Crypto – The Ultimate Guide by a Predator [Pro Tips & Tricks Included]

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Hey, my name is Moh and I’m a part of the Apex Legends boosting squad here at Boosting Factory. Today I’m going to show you how to become an Apex Predator Crypto.

Since it’s my job to perform at the highest level, I needed to master Crypto in order to know how to play as Crypto and how to play against Crypto, his strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, let’s dig in and start with the hitbox.

Crypto Hitbox

Crypto is fairly tall and slim, his hitbox is around the middle of the spectrum. He does not have an increased or decreased damage factor, like Gibraltar or Wraith. I believe he fits somewhere between Mirage and Pathfinder.

apex legends character hitboxes

Crypto Abilities

Neurolink (Passive)

Crypto’s passive ability allows you and your team to see enemies that your drone detects up to a 30 meters range. Sounds like a better Bloodhound, eh?

Neurolink Tips

  • The drone detects legends even through walls
  • The drone will detect legends even if you’re not piloting it at the moment but you have left it somewhere on standby

Surveillance Drone

Following up with Crypto’s tactical ability, the surveillance drone allows you to deploy a drone that you control from the place you’ve deployed it from. Its primary goal is to allow you to scout for enemy legends. It’s directly linked with your passive Neurolink.

  • If your drone is destroyed, it will take 40 seconds for it to recharge
  • The drone can be basically one-shot by anything
  • The drone makes a sound and while being small, it is fairly visible to enemies
  • There’s a delay when you first deploy the drone, it’s not instant. However, you can still move during the deployment, after it’s deployed you cannot move.
  • In specific situations, you can run down the hill > slide > activate drone and you will still be sliding down the hill even when controlling it. You might need to get a nice ult against the chasing enemies, leave the drone and resume sliding or escaping.
  • You can leave the drone anywhere and it will act as a “ward” if you’ve played League of Legends, meaning it will remain there on standby but still reveal enemies
  • You can open doors, open loot crates and even pick up banners from dead allies
  • The drone has a range highlighted on your screen, when you get out of range it will stop moving and you will need to recall it or move closer to it.
  • Practice moving in unpredictable ways like if you were Jackie Chan with your drone just as you would with your legend during a fight in order to avoid having it destroyed.
  • Don’t be that guy who stands in the open or even behind covers that are quite visible and get killed during drone flights. Let your team know to cover you or hide.
  • If you’re in a house with 2 doors and you’re trying to block enemies out of the house, use the body to block one door, and use the drone to close the door on the enemies trying to get in. This is again highly specific but you should know that it might come in handy in a game or two.
  • You know the big banners displaying the best teams in the game or the champion squad? Take your drone close to them and it will tell you how many enemy squads are near your location. You can even leave the drone there to check back and forth for more info.

Crypto Operating a Drone

Drone EMP

EMP is shortened from Electro-Magnetic Pulse. You’ve probably seen it in a ton of movies and now you can do your own.

Crypto’s drone will unleash a blast that covers a significant area, enemies caught in a blast will take 50 damage (2 bars) and become slowed. It also destroys traps such as Wattson’s fence and Caustic’s independent variable.

  • EMP will also slow down your allies but it will not damage them.
  • EMP is fairly loud and your drone is most vulnerable while it’s channeling the blast
  • I suggest you try placing your drone high enough so that the enemies don’t see it without looking up, but still within 30 meters of vertical range, that way you get the detection and avoid being detected.
  • When playing near or on the train, you can use the slipstream of the train to speed up your drone in case you need it. Try landing your drone just above the train’s deck and then move forward to notice the significant speed increase.
  • While it’s ideal to get an EMP off at 3 or more enemies, don’t hesitate to use it on one person if it will possibly decide a fight. Many players won’t even expect you to EMP just one enemy.

Crypto Weapon Loadout

You definitely need a long-range weapon since you’re by definition – a scouting legend. Whether it’s a Sniper, Anviled R-301 or even Wingman. When you detect enemies with the drone you want to be able to capitalize on it.

The secondary weapon should be a mid-range like an R-301 or Hemlok, but playing a secondary close range weapon like R-99 or a shotgun is fine as well.

Top Legends To Play With Crypto

  • Pathfinder: He gives you great mobility with his Zipline to engage when you’ve detected an enemy or decided to 3rd party after scouting with a drone.
  • Gibraltar: The big guy is able to protect you with the dome in case you get shot at while operating the drone
  • Bangalore: She can smoke on top of you if needed while you’re operating a drone

Best Crypto Strategy


You’re not good at just rushing and shooting at people like Wraith or Bangalore is. Crypto shines with a pre-planned strategy.

Scouting the area, 3rd partying enemy fights with your incredible information from the drone and strategically deciding where will you strike. Communicate with your team and make sure they’re aware that rushing is a no-go with Crypto in the team.

You Are a Drone and a Legend at the Same Time

Imagine that you’re playing 2 different legends at the same time. That’s what Crypto is, learn how to swap between drone and legend fast and effective. Learn where to position the drone, where to fly it, how to pass undetected.


After you’ve got a plan, and you’ve got great mechanical skills with the drone and Crypto himself. It’s time to capitalize on it, detect your enemies, find out where they are and where could they possibly go. If your team is close to them, engage with an EMP and start rushing them.

Try to scout for 2 teams already fighting and watch them from above, 3rd party them as soon as a couple of them are killed or low and get all the loot and kills.

Crypto Shooting

Final Words

COMMUNICATE. Crypto is a very complex legend and probably most innovative in Apex Legends so far. But without communication, preferably voice communication, what good is the info you provide with the drones?

You may be out of the 30-meter range with the drone but still see enemies on your screen, while your team won’t. Communicate it to your teammates. Let them know where you’re flying the drone and when will you EMP.

Let me know what you think about Crypto and how well are you doing with him in the comments section below, oh and, buy Bitcoin! 🙂

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