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Buy Apex Legends Legendary Hunt and Elite Queue Boosting

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Hey lads, on the June 14th, 2019, EA has pushed an update for Apex Legends and introduced the Legendary Hunt event and an Elite Mode that allows players to join a different queue with more skilled players in order to showcase their skill, this is all an introduction for Season 2 battle pass that will introduce a ranked mode as well. So let’s dig in.

Legendary Hunt Event

When Does Legendary Hunt End?

Legendary Hunt has started on June 4th and will end on June 18th.

Legendary Hunt Skins

  • Legendary Hunt Badge – Finish in the Top 5 in any match.
  • Rare Wolfpack G7 Scout weapon skin – Finish in the Top 5 in an Elite Top 5 match.
  • Epic Master of the Hunt Bloodhound Legend skin – Finish in the Top 5 five times in any queue (consecutive or nonconsecutive).
  • Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take weapon skin – Win twice in any queue (consecutive or nonconsecutive).
  • Legendary Honored Prey R-301 weapon skin – Own the Season 1 Battle Pass.
  • Legendary Night Terror Wraith skin – Reach Battle Pass level 15 or higher.

Elite Mode (Elite Queue)

The elite mode allows you to compete with players who have survived among top 5 teams last match. It’s the best showcase of skill we’ve seen so far in Apex Legends. You earn a beautiful badge that showcases your Elite Mode streak, meaning how many times you have been in Top 5 in a row. Not being in Top 5 for a game resets your counter to zero but your elite streak record still remains. The storm damage (circle damage) in Elite queue is significantly higher so make sure not to remain outside of the circle under any cost.

When Does Elite Mode End?

The mode will end on July 2nd, 2019.

Elite Queue Circle Damage

  • First circle now does 7% damage per tick [previously this was 15%]
  • Second circle does 15% damage per tick
  • Third circle does 20% damage per tick
  • Remaining circles do 25% damage per tick

Elite Mode Badges

We offer Elite Mode boosting where our professional Apex Legends boosters play to the desired streak of yours, such as 5, 10, 15 or 20 games.
apex legends elite streak badges
There are more achievements and badges for the Elite Queue:
Elite 888 (Win at least 8 games with 8 different Legends with at least 8 kills in each game)
apex legends elite 888 badge
Elite Legend 1 – 5 (Win 1,5,15,50,100 Elite games)
apex legends elite legend badges

⚠️Don’t forget that these badges will only be available until July 2nd and never again. DON’T MISS OUT!⚠️

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Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide

Make Gibby Great Again | Ultimate Gibraltar Guide And Tricks

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We all dread the achievements and Battle Pass incentives which require playing Gibraltar. Hopefully only for now in Season 1 because if you’re reading this, I surely hope Gibby is in much better shape by now!

Gibraltar is bulky, seemingly snaillike, and has no abilities to increase movement. While he may seem undermatched, Gibraltar has unique uses which can make him very viable.
This guide will have you surviving and thriving playing Gibraltar in no time!

Gibraltar Overview and Abilities

Gibraltar is a tank which is played very similar to Caustic. Luckily, Gibraltar is free for use and does not need to be unlocked in the shop. Like Caustic, he is also given a 10% damage
reduction on all bullets taken. This tubby (insert expletives here) is not much of a fan favorite, however, he can be extremely useful in supporting your team to victory.

Gibraltar is personally one of my highest win rate legends, because of his ability to succeed in late game fights. Here is a further breakdown of Gibraltar’s abilities.

Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection

This ability allows Gibraltar to throw down a shield which will block all incoming AND OUTGOING attacks for 15 seconds.

● The shield is a true dome so be careful the shield is not sticking out as you can be shot from underneath. If you place the shield on uneven ground it is possible to shoot/be shot through the bottom of the shield. Use this to your advantage as many enemies will not realize this.

● One great way to escape with Gibraltar is to use your shield. If you want to run from a fight, it is recommended to place down your shield and keep running. Even though you are outside of the shield, the enemies will not be able to get bullets passed the shield. This gives you plenty of time to get to cover and heal up, or avoid the fight completely.

● Be careful not to panic shield. When getting shot at, it takes about a second and a half to actually deploy from the time you hit your ability button. At this time a smart thing to do would be to turn around and look down, or strafe to avoid bullets/headshot damage. Particularly if you have weak body armor, this could be the difference between life and death.

● Punching enemies is a fairly effective strategy if a fight occurs inside the shield. As no one can shoot through the shield itself, punching an enemy will knock them back out of
the shield. This will create the necessary space to get the enemy out of the shield.
It is also a guaranteed hit. I would recommend hip firing and punching to get maximum damage/efficiency. This way if your enemy moves back into the shield before being punched the bullets will hit him as well.

● Use an effective weapon loadout to give yourself an advantage in Dome Shield fights. In these fights, you would like a gun with high burst damage, and a gun very effective at close range. A great choice is always the Havoc with Selectfire hop up attachment. This enables Gibraltar to charge up to a shot inside the shield, step outside and fire away.

A good choice for a secondary would be a shotgun or a high DPS submachine gun. A perfect fit here would be the Peacekeeper with Precision Choke hop up attachment. The Peacekeeper is a high tier list weapon packing a lot of damage in bursts. Similar to the Havoc, Gibraltar can safely navigate the shield to his advantage in order to get off a high damage charged shot.

● You can effectively use the Dome Shield by placing it over a Wraith portal. This will allow teammates to teleport safely.

● If you have an Octane on your squad, encourage him to use his launch pad ability inside the shield if stuck in a sticky situation. This can allow teammates to safely exit the area
as the shield is about to go away.

Passive Ability: Gun Shield

The Gun Shield blocks half bullet damage (up to 100 health) when deployed. This gun shield is automatically deployed when scoping in and aiming. This shield can be toggled, however, outside of trying to stick out less there is not much use for this.

● Unlike other Legends where it may be optimal to hip fire/strafe, the game is changed with Gibraltar. Despite your large hitbox size and minimal mobility, if you land your bullets you
will likely outgun an enemy because of the damage mitigation of the Gun Shield and the 10% overall mitigation. Don’t get too overzealous, if your enemy has a high DPS gun he
will still kill you as most bullets will land.

● As your best bet is to stay scoped in you should look for cover to stay behind. If possible find an area where only a small part of your body/head are sticking out. This area is
known as a headglitch.
Head Glitching can be very effective as it cuts down on the size of your hitbox the enemy can shoot, evening out your odds of winning a gunfight.

Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment

This is why I main Gibraltar from r/apexlegends

With the Defensive Bombardment, Gibraltar throws down a mortar strike on your target dealing 40 damage per mortar hit. This ability is similar to the ultimate ability of Bangalore, however, it covers a shorter range. It also takes effect much quicker and deals more damage. Be sure to get out of the way as this strike will damage yourself as well!

● You can use this ability as an area clearer. This can be particularly effective to get enemies to run away from a vantage point, cover, or high ground. and shoot them while

● Although the strike will damage yourself, it will not damage teammates. It will slightly stun them if they are inside the strike, however, it will not deal damage to your

● The strike will not enter any buildings, ceilings, or any structural roofs. A good strategy to use if you have enemies on top of you is to through the air strike at your feet. An
example of this good be in Market. Often teams camp on top of Market for a good vantage point. From the bottom of Market you can throw down the airstrike and shoot
enemies as they drop down, or watch your airstrike rack up the damage.

● Like Caustic’s Nox Grenade, Gibraltar has a long cooldown time on his ultimate. Be sure to use it efficiently. Ultimate accelerants will also be very beneficial to pick up here.

● Perhaps Gibraltar’s most useful attribute is his ability to cover nearly the whole area with his ultimate in the late round circles. If given the opportunity, play slow and wait for the
small circle and set off the air strike. This will give your squad a great chance to win.

Gibraltar Gameplay Strategy

Gibraltar requires a very unique playstyle. His hitbox is very large, so it is imperative that you use your surrounding in order to play smart. Let’s take a few simple scenarios:

A Lifeline is Spotted out in the open what do you do?

● Your first “smart” option as Gibraltar would be to check your surroundings. Where is the nearest cover? If you have some cover where you can hide behind, call her out and
when your team is ready start shooting. This play gives yourself a favorable gunfight as you have cover to take and your team will be around you.
If you start to lose health quickly, you can easily duck behind the cover and wait for your teammates to clean up as you heal.

You quickly notice there is no cover, now what?

● As Gibraltar, you have the luxury of making your own cover with the dome shield. This allows you to take as much damage as you’d like before backing inside the shield to heal
up or run away. This is another safe play that will allow your teammates to take out a squad safely, while effectively using the shield where your team will benefit from created cover.

The Lifeline with her team spots you, and your team is too far behind to give support, now what?

● Ahh, my personal favorite. The “Oh (insert appropriate expletive here)” moment. I’m playing Gibraltar and there’s a whole squad on me. First, try to get the shield down and
run straight back. This should give you some time to escape.

● If that is not enough, you have to rely on your ultimate ability. Throw the marker down just passed your feet. This will serve as a distraction allowing you to get to safety. If you
throw the air strike at the enemies, they will likely chase you and find themselves away from the air strike and in a position to damage you. Throwing the air strike at your feet
prevents the enemy squad from chasing you. Don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to get out of the way.

A similar scenario seems to happen nearly every game. The key to success is having the discipline to know that your very overweight self will not be able to avoid the
bullets of nearly any capable enemy. This is perfectly fine, as long as you compensate for this by utilizing the above strategies.

Gibraltar ultimate kill from r/apexlegends

Major Takeaways

It can be extremely frustrating to play as Gibraltar. Always keep the basics in mind.

● Although it may not seem like it, you are actually the same speed as every other Legend outside of using your abilities.

● You will mitigate 10% damage dealt to make up for your very large hitbox.

● Get used to a slow, methodical, playstyle. Movements should be tactical at all times, and you should be wary of where your teammates are.

● You are more than likely not going to win straight on gunfights, so do the little things that would allow you advantage in gunfights, like hiding behind cover.

● Stay scoped in during the gunfight. Your Gun Shield will allow you to absorb a lot of damage which can be a huge savior.

● Be sure to carry an optimal loadout when creating your own Dome Shield cover! as both enemies and teammates can benefit from this, it is important that you carry a loadout which enables a high success rate for gunfights in the shield. Don’t be afraid to add punch as well. This will give you enough space to work with.

Maintain discipline! As bad as you might want to engage in gunfights, wait for the opportune time where you have the advantage.

Keep this article in the back of your head while you are trying to hold in the screams of playing Gibraltar. I guarantee you, success IS possible when playing him in the correct way. If
you want to succeed with him, it will likely take you altering your personal playstyle.

Feel free to comment about the article or experiences you have had playing this lovely lard. Best of luck! 🙂


The Ultimate Guide and Tips to Master Octane

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Octane is the first new legend added to Apex Legends. He was released on March 19th, 2019, just before the release of Season 1. He can be purchased from the Legend Shop for 750 Apex Coins, or 12,000 Legend Tokens (just like Mirage and Caustic.) Octane is an offensive hero whose abilities enable him to cover a lot of ground in a hurry. He is a perfect choice for a high kill game, flanking, scouting, and an overall aggressive playstyle.

He’s on par with Wraith and Bangalore when it comes to playing aggressively. This guide will cover the basics of Octane, and will also provide advanced tips, tricks, and strategy to have you getting the most value out of playing Octane for your squad. Let’s dig in.

Octane Abilities

Tactical Ability: Stim

First up for Octane is his tactical ability, Stim. Stim allows Octane to run 30% faster for 6 seconds. This ability costs 10 health per use so be sure to watch your health! It is also on a particularly fast cooldown. It refreshes just 2 seconds after the ability ends. This is what you want to use when looking for a fight, evading bullets during a fight, and starting a flank on an enemy squad.

Stim Tips & Tricks

– Using Stim will never result in death. If Stim is activated at 10 hp or less, you will stay 1 hp. Do not let this stop you! You should generally look to run with Stim as much as possible when playing Octane. Just be sure to not get too far away from your team, or engage with particularly low health!

– Stim is perfect for looting in early game situations. You should play aggressively knowing that you will most likely be able to swipe a gun or shield before your enemy has a chance due to your increased speed. This will give you a particularly high advantage in crowded drops such as Hot Zones, early landing zones off the Drop Ship, Skull Town, and even on the Supply Ship.

– Use Stim during a gunfight. Many players fear the loss of health during a gunfight, but that is absolutely the wrong way to play Octane. Stimming allows a nearly unhittable strafe. With just a 10 health penalty per stim, you can think of that as one bullet hit on you. The use of Stim should allow you to dodge more than one bullet on an enemy with ease. Feel free to test this yourself! Try shooting an enemy Octane with Stim strafing back and forth. Good luck.

– Be sure to control your aggression when playing Octane. Always communicate when you are flanking enemies so your team knows the perfect time to engage. Be sure to check your surroundings at all times, and not drift too far away from your teammates. This leaves your teammates in a bad position if they get attacked, and also leaves you in a situation where you may have to face a full squad by yourself!

– “Scouting” enemies is a great way to use Octane’s Stim ability. You can cover a good portion of the map looking for enemies while staying a reasonable distance away from your teammates. Make sure you don’t engage the gunfight until your team is ready. Take the time to hide, heal up, and wait for the opportune time to strike. If you are spotted, use another Stim or Launch Pad back in the direction you came from and get to safety. It is almost never worth trying to fight the enemy squad shorthanded.

JMUP SHOT! from r/apexlegends

Passive Ability: Swift Mend

Next up is Octane’s passive ability, Swift Mend. This allows Octane to gradually heal himself over time. The rate of healing is 1 health per 2 seconds. The generated healing will be visible in a light green color, just like when activating any other healing ability. This will not cause you to stop what you are doing, the heal is automatic. This ability is automatically activated when Octane is not at full health. Swift Mend does NOT raise your shields. With Octane’s Stim ability costing 10 health per use, the Swift Mend is very effective. Be sure to monitor your health and balance the two abilities wisely.

Swift Mend Tips & Tricks

– Swift Mend does not heal while Stim is activated. This means that when activating Stim, your passive heal ability will not kick in until after the 6-second long ability is over. Be sure to allow some time to heal in between if you find yourself running for long periods of time.

– When playing Octane it may be helpful to carry an extra inventory stack of Syringes or Med Kits. As Stim can be activated at just a 2-second cooldown it might not be uncommon to find yourself activating the stim ability several times before finding enemies. If this happens do not be afraid to take a quick break and heal up.

– With a coordinated team, save your best shield and gold backpack for your Octane! Octane relies heavily on his shields as he will often be down in health with his tactical ability. You should always request the highest level shield before a game starts if looking to get the most value out of him. Gold Bags are also extremely useful. They allow Octane to quickly activate Syringes allowing less downtime and more time spent running. It also allows you to have more space to take extra meds when needed.

Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad

Finally, we have Octane’s Ultimate Ability, Launch Pad. This allows Octane to deploy a launch pad, propelling you forward for a short distance in the direction you are moving. This ability will never go away and is usable by both teammates and enemies. Using the pad will give you a colored trail, similar to the one you have when you drop off the ship at the beginning of the game. This can be very visible from across the map, so be careful when using.

Launch Pad Tips & Tricks

– Incorporate a jump right before taking the launch pad. If done correctly you can propel yourself to further distances. Timing is everything here, you don’t want to over jump it, or jump and hit the wrong part of the launch pad and go the wrong way. Use your momentum logically, and remember, practice makes perfect here.

– The launch pad has a very quick cooldown for an Ultimate Ability, so be sure to use it often. It can be beneficial in almost any fight to gain position, be more elusive, and to get out of a sticky situation. Do not be the guy that doesn’t use a single Launch Pad.

– The launch pad can be used during Stim which will allow you to go even further. Keep in mind that if you throw the pad straight down while being stimmed you will run past it! Angle your aim to throw it a bit out in front of yourself so you do not outrun the pad. Another option is to place the pad down and then stim. This will make it easier to ensure that you do not outrun the Launch Pad.

– The Launch Pad can be used to quickly gain a good position on an enemy. It will most likely take them by surprise and allow you a few seconds where it will likely be very hard for enemies to hit you in the air. Be sure to compensate for your momentum with the bullet drop when taking the launch pad!

Octane makes me so happy from r/apexlegends

Octane Gameplay Strategy

With all of the abilities covered, it is time to dive into some of the more advanced strategies you should utilize while playing as Octane, even though the strategies can be applied to other aggressive Legends as well.


Octane is used most optimally as a flanker. You can cover a ton of ground in a short amount of time, as well as a sustainable exit strategy. This allows you plenty of time to safely belly around objects in order to sneak behind enemies. When caught, you can safely escape back through the way you came. At this time, you will cause a diversion. The enemy team will now be forced to turn around, or be shot from behind. This allows you to sneak behind enemies and get free shots from behind, while also taking attention away from your teammates. Be sure to communicate when doing this with your team. I like to count down from 3 before engaging to give my teammates a heads up. Timing is key here, otherwise, you may give the enemy team an easy kill.


When playing Octane you should always beware of how far away you get from your teammates. You should be ahead of your team because of your capabilities as a scout, but be careful you don’t get too far! You want to stay within a reasonable range of your teammates so you can help them if they are attacked by enemies. A good strategy here is to be sure you can get back to your teammates with two uses of Stim. With this in mind, form your squad around the Octane.

I don’t always play octane but when I do from r/apexlegends

Legend Selection

If you are going into a game with a preset squad, it may be best to play Wraith and Pathfinder along with Octane. The reason for this is that they are the most mobile legends, who will be able to compliment your play style. Both Pathfinder and Wraith’s abilities allow her to move, and her teammates faster. This allows you as an Octane player to be as aggressive as possible.

This meta is also the best meta for a high kill game as you will be able to come in contact with the most amount of enemies because of the ground you will be able to cover. Launch Padding for your teammate making a Wraith portal can particularly be super effective to maximize distance traveled.

The Perfect Weapon Loadout

Finally, you should be sure to use weapons that enable you to be strong in close range engagements. Optimally a Peacekeeper or Eva-8 from the shotgun class or any submachine gun, particularly the R-99 and R-301 are great choices to take while playing Octane. These guns are all very strong from close range, and they also offer the ability to hip fire effectively at close range. This is a huge advantage because you will actually be able to shoot relatively accurately while strafing very quickly unscoped. Be sure to look for those light extended magazines for extra ammo capacity, and shotgun bolts for a quicker time to kill.


Octane, named beautifully, is an extremely explosive legend. He is capable of making very big plays, but he can also do more harm than good. You have to use care when playing him. Just because you can sprint around the entire map does NOT mean that is the best/only way to use him. You still need to coordinate with your team and control your rushes, flanks, and scouts. He is one of the most used Legends by our Apex boosting squad.

I like to relate Octane to “Chaos.” He can be very chaotic for enemies. Running side to side like a mad man while an enemy tries to shoot you is the perfect way to utilize your chaos the right way. Use your speed and diversions effectively. Remember this piece of advice, just as fast as you can run yourself into a kill, is as fast as you can run yourself into a death. Control your chaos and you will find yourself playing like a pro Octane in no time. If you have any questions or particular struggles feel free to leave a comment below! 🙂


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The Ultimate Apex Legends Weapon Tier List (May 2019)

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Please be advised that these guns are subject to preference, and just because you have a low tier gun does not mean you are not capable of killing someone with a higher tier gun. This also works both ways, as a high tier gun does not yield instant kills. Lastly, this tier list does NOT include hop up attachments. Each gun will be touched on individually and will possibly be regarded with the attachment included. The ultimate goal of this guide is for you to see a gun that you may pass up on, on this list and be able to add it to your repertoire or discover some tips with guns that are already commonly used.

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

Legendary Tier

This tier includes ONLY Legendary guns. These guns are found exclusively in Care Packages. Ammo cannot be found anywhere, so only the respective number of bullets in each gun can be used, so plan accordingly! An alternative is finding a “legendary” gun that usually is not legendary but comes with already equipped legendary attachments. You can usually find those in Hot Zones.


The Kraber is a .50 Cal Sniper. It offers 125 damage with a body shot and will do a full 200 damage to any target hit in the head. The one downfall to the Kraber is that you will have to cock the sniper after every single shot you take. Make sure it is cocked before you go to shoot it again! You should aim for headshots with this gun as after getting body shotted, most players above 125 health will likely run away.

Mastiff Shotgun

The Mastiff Shotgun reigns superior to near every gun in the game. It deals 144 damage to the body and 288 to the head with all bullet pellets hitting. The spread is relatively close and is still relatively effective at medium range. Very deadly, and if you spot an enemy has this it may be best to refrain from engaging in close range fights! The mastiff has 4 bullets per clip and shoots similar to a peacekeeper as it is a single shot weapon. A good tip with this gun is to shoot once, duck into cover and come back out when ready to shoot again.

Tier 1


Rounding out Tier 1 is the Wingman. It packs a powerful 45 damage per body shot and only gets better with the Skullpiercer hop up attachment. Like the Spitfire, it deals a ton of damage per clip so it is effective vs. multiple enemies. The Wingman does require a bit of aim, particularly to hit headshots which may favor it to PC players more than console players, however, Aiming is not too difficult, and can still be effective even without landing a ton of headshots. One tip with the Wingman is to use it from long range as well. This gun has no damage drop off and can pack powerful damage from across the map. Our Apex Legends boosting squad never passes on a Wingman while gaining wins or kills for our clients.


Next up is the R301 Carbine. It takes light ammo, even though it is an assault rifle. This is particularly good to know as light ammo can usually be found in abundance. The R-301 is an incredibly accurate gun with a fast fire-rate. That’s why it’s so deadly. The extended light magazine is a must so you could kill people in 1 clip with enough aim. Assault legends such as Bangalore and Wraith should never skip on this gun.


The reason for putting this gun in tier Tier 1 is because of the damage output possible. The R99 offers the quickest time to kill among guns in Apex Legends and is definitely very effective. The main issue is that with just 18 bullets in the clip it can be difficult to land every shot needed to kill a target of 200 health. With a purple extended magazine or better, this gun becomes particularly deadly. One tip with the R99 is to play it from close range. The recoil is extremely bearable from close range, particularly with a high-level barrel stabilizer. If you find yourself at long range with the gun, it can be very ineffective. In these situations try to work your way as close as possible to your opponent using map cover before striking!


The Peacekeeper is a shotgun which deals up to 112 damage to the body if every pellet hits. The Headshot multiplier for all shotguns is very low, so it is important to aim for the body so the most bullets hit, unless within punching distance where headshots can be effective. A shotgun bolt can be attached to this gun, which allows a quicker fire rate. One tip with this gun is to peak shot behind cover. Allow one shot to come out, duck behind cover while the gun cocks back, and pop back out when ready to shoot again. This allows maximum value while taking the least damage.

The Precision Choke hop up can be attached to this gun. The precision choke allows a charged shot with a tight bullet spread. This is particularly advantageous at longer ranges. One tip while using the precision choke is that it is very loud and can be heard from far away. If you are sneaking up on somebody don’t charge it, it is worth it to just use a regular shot for the first bullet. It can also give your position away if enemies are near so careful using it. A fun fact is that the Peacekeeper’s fire spread is in the shape of a star.

Tier 2


The Spitfire is just an all around great gun. It packs 35 bullets in the clip without any extended magazine attachments and is capable of killing multiple enemies of a squad in that clip. The recoil pattern is extremely forgiving and can beam targets with ease, even with low barrel stabilizers. The Spitfire is great as it totals 700 damage per clip, without any extended mag attachment. This makes it very formidable for killing multiple enemies at a time. One personal tip with this weapon is to hip fire up close. While scoping with a Light Machine Gun you will strafe slowly, and the hipfire pattern like many other guns is very forgiving so take advantage!


Hemlok has a Selectfire attachment built into the gun. This allows the Hemlok to be shot in a single shot mode. One tip with this gun is to aim lower, as the gun will recoil up for the first two bursts. The higher barrel stabilizer you have, respectively, the higher you can aim at the target as the recoil will be less. The Hemlok is a very versatile weapon and is definitely one of the best heavy assault rifles due to its high damage and ability to be effective at all ranges. Like most guns from close range, the Hemlok is particularly deadly with hipfire as all 3 shots per burst will likely hit while being able to quickly strafe to avoid enemy bullets.


The Devotion is capable of the most damage per second when fully charged up shooting and is undoubtedly one of the strongest weapons in the game. Adding the Turbocharger attachment can make the gun more accurate at the beginning of the clip, as it charges up faster. One tip with this gun without the hop up is to prefire. This way when you are ready to fire at your target it is fully charged up. What holds this gun in this tier is the fact that it takes up a lot of ammo, and energy ammo is scarce on the map. Energy ammo also only holds a stack of 60 instead of 80 like heavy and light ammo. This means that you will need more inventory slots for ammo and less can be filled with heals, grenades, and other items. It is also bulky, offers less mobility and slower time to switch weapons to finish off kills or running away.

G7 Scout

The Scout is a rather popular gun on the map. This means that it can be used often in early game situations. It is a sniper, but it takes light ammo. Rather than trying to snipe with it, it may be effective to play it as a DMR. This means that it can be an effective close-medium range because of the high fire rate. It may be best to have a close-medium range optic attachment, rather than a sniper scope for this method. Because of the Scout’s versatility, it reigns the best sniper. Although it’s long-range dropoff is quite bad and I don’t suggest it for long-range firing, Lifeline benefits from this gun greatly.


The Longbow is undoubtedly a threat. It deals 55 damage per body shot with the opportunity for 110 damage to the head with the Skullpiercer hop up. This gun is particularly useful in late-game scenarios, where teams may have no choice but to contest you, even when you have the advantage. It performs extremely well from long range, however, it is weak at close range because of the slow fire rate. It is advised to have a strong close range weapon if carrying the Longbow.


The EVA is another effective shotgun. It is automatic and can deal with a high amount of damage up close. One tip is to make sure to add a Shotgun Bolt! The EVA’s only attachment added is a shotgun bolt, but a purple bolt on the Eva 8 can be deadly because of the high fire rate. This shotgun is relatively common and rather undervalued. I would recommend definitely giving this gun a chance if it is not something you often use.

Tier 3


The Flatline is an average Assault Rifle. It is relatively accurate from close to medium range, however, the damage output is fairly low. It does not have a slot for a barrel stabilizer which hurts the gun for mid-late game scenarios, as well as in long range fights. Overall, the gun is not terrible, however, there are many better alternatives.

Triple Take

The Triple Take is another versatile Sniper Rifle. Unique to the other Snipers, The Triple Take uses Energy Ammo, and Fires 3 bullets per shot. (Using 1 Ammo per shot) The problem with the triple take is that unless used at close range the only 1-2 shots will hit the target from medium to far range. This means that the gun should primarily be used as a shotgun from close to mid-range.

The Triple Take allows for a Precision Choke to be attached. With this attachment, the gun becomes much more useful and can be bumped into Tier 2-3. It allows more of the bullets per shot to land dealing more damage to enemies. It can also be very effective from all ranges. One note on the Triple Take is that the Precision Choke is actually quiet on this sniper. This helps as you can sneak up on enemies while charging up the shot, unlike the choke on the Peacekeeper.


The Prowler is a unique Submachine Gun as it takes heavy ammo. It is a five-round burst gun, which is relatively inaccurate unless at close range. One tip with the prowler is to aim lower, as the bullets in the burst will recoil up. The prowler has a much more effective fire mode with the Selectfire hop up. This will allow an option for a full auto shot. This can be very effective and easily turns this gun into a Tier 2/3 weapon. One tip would be to search for an extended magazine, as the fire rate is fairly high.


The Alternator is a small Submachine Gun with 16 bullets per clip. It is a common gun in early game situations and can be a big step up from guns like the P2020, Mozambique or RE-45. Although it can still be effective, it is advised to upgrade this gun as soon as possible. If forced to use an Alternator it is advised to try to have a secondary gun as the ammo capacity in one clip only deals 208 damage with no extended mag attachment. This means every single bullet needs to hit the enemy in order to kill a target with Epic armor.


The Havoc is another gun which is common in early game scenarios. It takes a few seconds to charge up so it is advised to pre-fire before using without a Turbocharger (much like the Devotion). The Havoc, unique to other guns, can equip a choice between two hop-ups: Turbocharger and Selectfire Reciever (not both). The Turbocharger works just like the Devotion, as the gun charges up faster.

The Havoc’s Selectfire Receiver allows a charged shot which consumes 5 energy ammo. It can deal a very large burst of damage when hit (Equivalent to 5 shots). This is particularly effective to shoot enemies that may not notice you. This shot is actually Hit Scan, meaning that as soon as the shot shoots it will hit the enemy. You will not have to compensate for bullet drop, making this an excellent choice for far range. However, overall, it’s just not as good as the other higher tier weapons.

Tier 4


Considerably more effective than the other two guns of the category, the RE-45 Machine Pistol is one of the most common guns in the game. It rarely sees use outside of Early game scenarios, however, it does deal a solid amount of damage for a pistol when used as a pocket Submachine Gun. I would suggest to dump the clip out and switch to another gun if possible when engaging in gunfire.


The P2020 is a Single Shot Pistol. It can shoot relatively fast, however, it is very low in damage. The only real benefit this gun has over others in its class is that it is still effective at a longer range. I would highly suggest upgrading this gun as soon as possible.


Well it beats punching, right? With all jokes and knocks aside Mozambique would be a decent gun without the ever so small 3 magazine clip size. Instead of running past it if you don’t have a gun or have only a P2020/RE-45, it is worth picking up. I would suggest to quickly empty the clip in close range scenarios only, and then switching to your other gun.

Surprising to most, if all 3 shots land Mozambique will kill an enemy with 100 health. 2 shots + a punch will also kill, or 3 shots and punch will kill white shield respectively. While I am certainly not advocating to run the entire match with a Mozambique, it still has some use in early game situations, and I have easily racked up around 30 kills with it.


Last and… Well least, are your fists. Punching does 30 damage and is very underrated in an early game situation. Even if an enemy lands on blue armor, 2 punches from each member of your squad are enough to knock him. Let’s be honest, if you landed with any of the guns from this tier and you see a full squad running at you to punch you, the best thing you can do is run. Keep that in mind!


Many of the guns in these tier slots were difficult to label, and some of them fell between certain categories. I have seen players make crazy plays with guns that are very low tier and the potential for such is great with almost every gun in this game. Please keep that in mind! The goal of this guide was not to simply stare and see where your personal favorite gun lands and refute the ranking. My goal for you is to see a gun you might not pick up on a high tier list and rethink picking it up, or your change up your particular playstyle with that gun. Different players excel at aiming with different guns, so this list can also be subjective to personal opinions as well! If you have a question or believe something may be out of place, please leave a comment! I will be happy to further explain my reasoning for each tier placement.

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