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Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Master Bangalore?

By 24/02/2019News
apex legends bangalore guide

Bangalore, the Apex Legends’ soldier is what you would say is a basic Call of Duty style soldier, you got guns, smokes, airstrike and GG. However, this is only partially true, every Apex Legends character has deeper playstyle and skill cap. You will only get as far by aiming well and shooting at people. You need to learn how to synergize with other legends and to use your abilities in the best possible way. That’s why our Apex Legends boosting squad is here, featuring input from one of the best Bangalore players in the world to show you how to become a Master Bangalore.

To show you what we mean, check out one of the members of our Apex Legends boosting squad.

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This screenshot was taken just a couple of weeks after Apex launched. His stats are increasing on a daily basis.

Bangalore Abilities

Passive: Double Time

In short, as you probably already know, as soon as you take hits, your top sprinting speed increases. In some cases, it even activates when someone is firing at you but not hitting you necessarily. The ability is amazing for both defensive and offensive reasons. Firstly, if you’re being chased or you’re trying to get cover, you will do this amazingly fast. However, you can use it for an offensive when pushing an enemy squad or trying to flank. The possibilities are truly endless.

Tactical: Smoke Launcher

This amazing and versatile ability is what makes Bangalore one of the best legends in the game. The smoke will essentially block vision on a fairly sized area. Meaning, when the smoke is up you can move inside without being seen from the outside, you can only be seen when the other player is in a quite close range or when Bloodhound uses his tracking ability over your smoke.

It’s important to know that the smoke bomb will explode only when it hits terrain, wall, building or another player. When it “hits”, it will drop a little and then explode. Meaning that if you hit a high wall, your smoke might end up in the air and defeating your purpose. You may want to cover the sight of an enemy sniper on high ground, for instance, then it would certainly be beneficial to let it explode in the air, such advanced strategies are often used by our Apex Legends boosting squad.

Most players use the smoke in a couple of ways. The first being is smoking an objective of yours, such as smoking a bleeding teammate so you can resurrect them. Smoking a care package is also often used, just as smoking defensively so you can escape and get cover in combination with your passive sprint.

A more advanced strategy is using smoke as a decoy since most players use it in ways described above, you can use it as a decoy, let the enemy assume you’re in the smoke or trying to get in the smoke, while you’re flanking them or repositioning for a better shot.

It’s worth noting that you can hold a maximum of 2 smoke charges and that when hitting an enemy it deals a small amount of damage, exactly 10.

Ultimate: Rolling Thunder

And lastly, the ultimate. Rolling Thunder is an artillery strike, such a cliché but nonetheless, our Apex boosting team loves it. It’s important to know that the artillery shells land in the field in a grid-like way, exploding one row at a time and creating the “rolling” explosion effect. The explosions don’t deal great damage but they’re extremely confusing for enemies and easily disorient them.

When you press your ultimate ability, you gain a grenade-like device that needs to be thrown just like a grenade. The range is not that great so be careful when using it. A few seconds after your device lands, the explosions start.

Just like her other abilities, Rolling Thunder can be used as an offensive move and a defensive one. Ideal ways to use it as an offensive move is to deny-area. When trying to set up a push or merely trying to get enemies to move away from the area you desire. Launching it onto enemies that are retreating from your push or close combat fight is ideal as well. Splitting the enemy team is also a great byproduct of the ultimate. As you probably know when you start seeing those bombs you instinctively move away without cooperating with your team and often resulting in a team split and a great way to pick someone off.

Covering the artillery strike with your smoke bombs so the enemy can’t see the bombs is also a worth mentioning strategy. Make sure to let your team know where and when the airstrike is coming in so that you do not disorient your team as well, or even worse, kill your own team, as friendly fire is a real thing when using your ultimate.

Avoid using the ability in a heavily housed area as the artillery will do nothing to enemies that simply hole up in a house.

This ability will take practice, but when you become a Master Bangalore just like our Apex boost squad. You will be using it amazingly and even preemptively by calculating where the enemy team will move and how long the shells need to explode right when the enemy team is there.

bangalore gameplay

Guns To Use As Bangalore

Ideally, you always want a gun that can equip Digital Threat legendary optics. The best guns our Apex Legends boosting squad recommends and that will surely get you the most wins are R99, R-301, Peacekeeper, Wingman.

Some combinations would be Wingman + Peacekeeper, Wingman + R99, Wingman + R-301, Peacekeeper + R-301. Your goal is to have a poke gun + close range gun.

Bangalore Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve covered the abilities and the strategies related to them, let’s move on to more general tips & tricks.

Your smoke grenade recharges fairly quickly and you should not be saving it like it’s gold. However, using it randomly, before engaging an enemy is not a good idea as it alerts the enemies of your position or the mere presence of another squad.

If you’re playing with a premade squad, our Apex Legends boost squad usually picks a Bloodhound with Bangalore. Why? Bloodhound can see through the smoke with the scanning ability. For instance, if you know an enemy squad is holed up in a house, throwing a smoke bomb inside and then having Bloodhound scan it and wipe them while they can’t see is an amazing thing. Do note that for the same reason enemy Bloodhound’s counter you.

The legendary optics attachment with the threat detection works great for you when you have it. You can do the same thing Bloodhound does and basically smoke enemies and wipe them out in the smoked area. Again, the same thing counters you when enemies have it. However the attachment is fairly rare so when you pick it up, odds are it will work more in your advantage.


We hope you enjoyed reading our Apex Legends Bangalore guide, we’d love to hear your comments and things we could add to produce even better guides in the future. Go and get some wins, if you ever need a hand, our Apex Legends boosting squad will gladly give you a hand.

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