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Season 4 Explained | Start & End Date | Rewards

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When Does Overwatch Season 3 End?

Overwatch’s Season 3 Ends on February 21st, 2017.

When Does Overwatch Season 4 Start?

Season 4 starts 1 week after the Season 3 end, meaning on March 1st, 2017.

Season 4 Changes

Will be updated

Season 4 Rewards

Will be updated

How To Get Most Out Of Placement Games?

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Ana – Top Tips To Master The Healing Sniper

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overwatch ana guide and tips


Ana, once renowned as one of the greatest snipers alive, is a very fun and a detail reliant hero that requires a lot more than just firing those sniper shots. Ana has a great and unique kit allowing her to give instant healing to teammates as well as doing a considerable amount of damage to enemies and all can be done from a relatively far distance.

Ana players vary in skill level with the amount of attention they put in when playing her as well as with the use of her abilities effectively.

Ana is interesting because her abilities can be considered a lot more game changing than her ultimate and also because they are heavily reliant on accuracy. Good plays or possibly game -winning plays will come when Ana players heal the right targets at the right time, use the Biotic Grenade correctly, as well as Nano Boosting the best target at the right time.

There are several basic “rules” or “guidelines” that you can follow to truly benefit from Ana’s kit, allowing yourself to always be of use in every single game you play. Here is a list of basics you should follow by our Overwatch boosting team.


Ana is another support hero that heals her allies, and without a doubt, her function is her strongest function by far. Ana is blessed with a single-target constant healing function that is almost always useful to the team. She not only continuously heals her allies but also can do that from a relatively long distance while building up for her ultimate ability.

Putting your main focus on healing your allies should be any Ana player’s highest priority. This alone can allow any Ana player to be of considerable use to the team.

ana guide healing

Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade [Cooldowns]

Both Sleep dart and Biotic Grenade are very crucial abilities and when used at the right time on the right targets, your game win rates will increase. Both are abilities that also require the Ana player to use them at the right time to not be vulnerable and also to allow for better results.

Because of Ana’s extremely low mobility, she heavily relies on her sleep dart to prevent dangerous situations. It can also be used to shut down an ultimate like Pharah’s Barrage. You should always keep an eye out on the cooldowns on Ana’s dart as it has a whopping 12-second cooldown. To be able to manage it well, you would need to pre-plan and determine the best target for the dart or to keep it as a safety mechanism in case an enemy gets too close.

Sleep dart is Ana’s only form of crowd control and should be managed extremely well for the ability to be used to its full potential with her kit.

As for Ana’s Biotic Grenade, it has a 10-second cooldown. Just as the Sleep Dart, Biotic Grenade needs some pre-planning especially when a team fight is about to happen. If it’s used, by the time the ability is back up, a team fight could have already started and ended. Your grenade produces an enormous amount of healing and could be extremely beneficial to use on, for example, a tank on your team. Especially during a team fight.

Positioning with your team

Your positioning during the game is an extremely important factor that requires your constant attention. Having your teammates in your line of sight all the time is crucial to improve your healing potential. They key is to try to always be behind the core of your team, working hand-in-hand with the tanks on your teams as they assist you with protection and you assist them with constant healing.

Always try to pay attention to your teammates’ positioning too as you will need to adjust yours accordingly. Paying attention to your teammates’ health bars is also very important to always know who is the best target for your healing.

ana guide ultimate

Nano Boost

Another thing to pay regular attention to is your ultimate. Try to be regularly aware of when your ultimate will be up. Your ultimate can have a huge impact on a game if used properly and knowing when it will be up is helpful if you want to maximize its benefits in a game.

Also, don’t just use your ultimate right when it’s up on the first target you see. Plan ahead your Nano Boosts as they can be the reason for a successful hold or push.

Stay aware of your teammates positioning and their health bars to assist you in choosing the right target for your ultimate. Try to also be vocal about when your ultimate is up as it will require coordination with your teammates for the best results.

The 4 main points are the most important things to focus on as an Ana player and should be basics that every good Ana player is comfortable with. Your skills will later naturally improve as you build upon these four basics. Focusing on enemy positioning as well as knowing when to be DPS-ing instead of healing are skills that will also come naturally to an Ana player while comfortably applying the four basics mentioned above.

Focus on these four basics throughout every game you play and you should be improving in no time.

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Why Is Lucio Picked In Almost Every Single Game?

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why is lucio picked 100% of time slider

Introduction on Lucio By Our Overwatch Boost Team

Lúcio, the famous DJ and Freedom Fighter, has always been a fan favorite, staying up there in the chart of the most picked characters in game. Regardless of meta, you always see him. Our Overwatch boosting team shares some thoughts about it.

The fighter DJ has stayed relevant regardless of which hero was the most playable and most OP or most meta, even after a major speed boost nerf. This, though, has sparked some controversy in the community. Although this has not been an enormous issue in the community, it is still a really important topic to discuss.

It is seen as an issue with the character and an issue with the meta being a counter to most static defense heroes. This causes the various static defense heroes to never see the sunlight, once again, regardless of the meta.

But Why?

Counters are present for nearly every hero, at one point or another in the game, and somehow we, no matter what changes are implemented, never see a suggested counter for Lúcio that is as effective as should be.

Why is that? Why is is that every hero in a way has a counter but not Lúcio? Should we nerf Lúcio? Done. Still strong? Should we try to balance the heroes around him? Done. Still strong? Yikes.

Several factors weigh in on Lúcio’s everlasting strength. First off, the various tools he is able to work with including but not limited to his mobility tools such as wall riding and the increase in movement speed, his relatively strong and un-counter-able ultimate, his continuous healing and speed boost (with no penalty). All this? Yes, all this and in addition does damage.

Lúcio mainly stays relevant due to the fact that he has a solution for every situation you can be in. For example, if you wall Lúcio off one can easily ride over it and also with his push he can stay away from anyone getting a little too close. Just thinking about this, it sounds absurd, and it really is if you really think about it.

Something we really need to set the spotlight on is his ultimate ability, Sound Barrier. Sound Barrier is basically a shield, not just for him, but for nearby allies too! All that is needed for his ultimate to be in great effect is that Lúcio only needs to somewhat be close to his allies regardless of where the enemy is. Other ults like McCree’s ult require a lot more than just that. Instead, McCree’s ult needs more planning, better positioning, and better protection from teammates, and that is just one example.

Most other ults are just like that. Needing extra effort from the person throwing their ultimate or from the allies benefiting from that ultimate. Lúcio, though, doesn’t play by these rules. His ult can be used almost effortlessly, right in the middle of a fight when its most needed with no nearly zero consequences to consider.

In addition, there isn’t really any direct counter play to his ult. Nothing a player can specifically do to overcome what the ult provides Lúcio’s allies. Ridiculous enough yet?

why is lucio picked 100% of time slider 3


Another factor that has a huge effect on his kit’s strength is his speed boost. It is great especially when there is a plan or a bit more synergy in a team’s gameplay. Catch an enemy out? Engage on the enemy team? It is all made easier with his speed boost. Especially when the entire meta on Assault or Hybrid maps relied on speed boosting which negated all choke points.

Also, the speed boost is a huge reason why you don’t really see defense heroes anymore. An on-demand AoE healing ability and an on-demand AoE movement speed boost is desirable to any team wanting to even have a chance to achieve a higher win rate

The nerf Lúcio received has not really affected his pick rate since it has little to no effect on his viability in a game. Lucio will still have an extremely high pick rate unless something changes. But what exactly?

why is lucio picked every time overwatch

Lúcio Changes or More Nerfs?

For Lúcio to seem more balanced and not be as useful in every game as he is right now, some changes to his kit may need to be carefully tested and implemented. We could possibly be looking at an even bigger direct nerf to his speed boost once again or to his heal. But is that really going to be effective? Our Overwatch boost team shares some suggestions below.

A possible switch up would be to implement a cooldown on his track switching making it a more game-changing decision and require more planning to jump into a fight with either a speed boost or not as it would take time to switch back. Other ways we can look at Lúcio being balanced would be to alter his aura size which could also require of Lúcio players to be more coordinated with teammates and to pre-plan every move.

Another very possible solution to Lúcio’s unique relevance is a future addition of another hero that can directly (or indirectly) challenge Lúcio’s abilities allowing for you to not have to see the freedom fighting DJ, Every. Single. Game.

It is not the case that Blizzard will get nerfs and buffs precisely and correctly implemented every time. Such decisions require proper testing and require feedback from players of every level. The game is still considered in its early stages and we could be seeing a lot more changes in the future regarding Lúcio’s kit and playstyle as well as meta shifts in the future.

Blizzard will be blessing us with new maps, new modes, and new heroes over and over again and there will be further balance patches, so don’t you worry fellow Overwatch player. It is all a matter of patience and I am sure that the Blizzard team are working on making the game more enjoyable and as balanced as possible for everyone.

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Season 3 Changes Explained (Start Date, Rewards…)

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overwatch season 3 rewards

Hey lads. Our Overwatch boosting team will now explain to you in short what changes are coming to Overwatch in Season 3. Let’s begin.

When Does Overwatch Season 3 Start?

Season 2 ended on November 24th, 2016 and Season 3 started on December 1st, 2016.

When Does Overwatch Season 3 End?

Unknown for now, like us on Facebook/Twitter to get the notification instantly.

Is My Skill Rating Going To Be Reset in Season 3?

Yes, but not completely back to 0. They will do a so called soft-reset, popular in other competitive online games. They will tune down your SR by a little so everyone will start lower than they currently are, after Placement Matches ofcourse.

Season 3 Rewards

overwatch season 3 rewards
Bronze – 100 CP
Silver – 200 Competitive Points
Gold – 400 Competitive Points
Platinum – 800 Competitive Points
Diamond – 1200 Competitive Points
Master – 2000 Competitive Points
Grandmaster – 3000 Competitive Points

How To Play Smarter Not Harder: Create And Control Space

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The Key to Controlling Space

Whilst skill does most count for the majority of your success in Overwatch, underneath the 360 no-scopes there is also an additional layer of strategy to Overwatch which our Overwatch Xbox boost and Overwatch PS4 boost teams can’t get enough.

Picture a game of soccer. Through the duration of a game of soccer positioning is a huge factor in how the game plays out. Perhaps even more so then the guy, or gal, with the ball, where your players are stood at any given moment can influence not only the guy with the ball, but how you oppositions tries to attack and also defend.

In soccer you can generate space through several different methods; knocking the ball way down the field, punting the ball into the bock, or even just running around like looney and getting the defence to trail you.

Anyway, putting the overly long soccer metaphor into context, this exact same principle can be applied in Overwatch , and in many cases is the deciding factor in casual play, and especially in deciding your Overwatch placement.

Creating Space

In order to control space first you must create said space. On one hand you can do this by simply killing a bunch of heroes and moving into their previously occupied space, but just as in soccer (this is last time I’ll mention soccer I promise) you can also create space in other ways.

Crowd Control

One such method is crowd control, and luckily many of the heroes are setup exactly for this purpose.

For example, a quick glance at the Overwatch tier list will tell you that you can jump on Lucio’s Sound Wave, Junkrat’s Concussive Mine, Roadhog’s Whole Hog, Pharah’s Concussive Blast, or Winston’s Primal Rage to create some space for your teammates, if just to name a few examples.

Every single one of these attacks also doubles as a knockback, allowing you to reposition the enemy team in which ever direction your heart and soul may desire. Sure, these attacks are mostly used for knocking enemies, hilarious I might add, off cliffs and ledges, but they can also be used for much more tactical, and unhilarious, purposes.


Say the objective has gone into overtime, why not use you knockback attack to literally shove them off the objective rather than trying to just kill them. After all, these game modes aren’t all about maintaining your KD, a good win ratio is the key to consistent Overwatch boosting.

Or, if a Genji on the opposite team is wrecking havoc with his Dragonblade you can always buy your fellow heroes some time by knocking him back and creating some space. Neat huh!?


You can also use you ultimates to generate some space, who’d have thought it! Sure, many players naturally think that getting play of the game is the absolute key to securing their place in Overwatch lore, any Overwatch duo boosting guru worth his/her salt will know that even just hearing another player’s incredibly audio que as they activate their ultimate provides more than enough incentive to flee whatever area you might currently be in immediately.

Out of all the ultimates perhaps McCree’s High Noon is the most effective of this as anyone with any of their wits about them will know that daring to show their face when McCree decides to go all Clint Eastwood then they’ll most likely face instant death.


If McCree’s not quite your speed then you can always opt for Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor, D. Va’s Self Destruct (the name should have probably given that one away) or even Torbjörn’s Molten Core.

TL:DR Using your ultimate’s channelled high damage can force enemies back even when you’ve only just activated them. Activate and use them at the right moments and your Overwatch boost is gonna go smooth as butter.


Our final space creation method™ is the wonderful and age old art of flanking.

This tried and tested method can be used extremely effective to force a reaction from the enemy, forcing them to either turn to face said flank head on and thus creating space behind them, or forcing them to ignore said flank and allow you to move swiftly into their backline of defence. A wonderfully simple masterpiece either way they play the game.

This method can be seen and practiced perhaps most effectively on Volskaya. The quicker heroes can sprint over the ice on the far left of the first point and gain access to the control point directly.


The natural choke point near the main gate, which the defenders usually end up defending using the cover of the dump truck, forces them to retreat at some stage to defend the checkpoint, thus generating space for your friends and allies to move forward. This can even be the match which lights the rocket under your Overwatch duo boosting partner’s tushy to push through the choke without you even needing to deal out any damage.

Controlling Space

Now you’ve earned yourself that space through hard graft we need to talk about how you’re gonna control it. Of course you can just shoot and blast your enemies away that’s always an option, but why not use the wonderful lessons we just learned.


Zoning is a term we’ve all heard right? Especially those in the MOBA crowd will know it all too well. Essentially it boils down to simply overcrowding your enemies, limited enemy movement, and thus preventing them from causing you any real threat.

In Overwatch this tactic works particularly well. With projectile-oriented heroes and an infinite ammo system you can assert your position simply by spamming your weapons.

In maps with very compact battlefields where it’s naturally hard for to get yo’ flank on it can make it much easier for the defending team to hold the upper hand. But, by countering the defenders with constant spamming and imminent threats of damage can greatly deter movement and help swing things in your favour.

Swamping the Spawn Point

For attackers, space is also naturally generated as your reach each checkpoint and learning the mechanics of how these checkpoints work can allow you to manipulate the battlefield in your favour. Using this tactic you can control your space and allow your team to push forward onto the next objective, whether that’d be a payload or a checkpoint.

Now I’m sure many of you are really questioning whether I’m about to advocate spawn camping and don’t worry, the idea of spawn camping frustrates me just as much as it does you all, but damn in a game like Overwatch it’s unbelievably effective, and to some degree a natural occurrence regardless of how hard we may all try to deny it.

In situations when your team have secured a capture point or checkpoint you need to able to recognise when the point is all but yours and thus when it’s time to move forward aggressively. Doing this allows you to catch a good chunk of the enemy team whilst their spawn points begin to transition.

This sort of aggression can completely neuter an enemy team’s threat by prevent them from regaining any momentum, giving you team direct control of the extra space to let you press forward. How many you kill isn’t even really important. By laying down constant fire you can effectively distract and harass the enemy into submission.

Health Packs


One control method is one that probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind, however, it’s still a critical factor of making the most of your flanking game.

Whenever you find yourself jousting an enemy mano a mano you should always have in your mind where the nearest health pack is. Now I do get it, you’re busying trying to do someone in who’s got time to think about geography?! But trust me it’s worth the extra brain power.

By positioning yourself in a fight to be the closest to the nearest health pack you can give yourself and your team a monopoly over these lovely healing thingamajigs. By controlling the health packs you not only prevent the enemy from using them, but you can also buy yourself time.
Even if you’re only a few hit points down try to pick them up as much as possible. If you and your buddies are using these packs up the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.


So, let’s summarise all this.

If you overlook space you gonna have a bad bad time.
If you can create and control space you can bend the enemy to your every whim without them even realise that you are controlling their every move… How pleasantly cunning.

We hope learning all about space and/or time will really help you in those Overwatch placement matches. Combine this knowledge with a quick refresh of the Overwatch Tier List and you should be good to go. Happy hunting!

Overwatch Boosting Now Available On PS4 & XBox One

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Overwatch ps4 xbox boosting

Overwatch PS4 boost & Overwatch XBox boost

Hey lads, our Overwatch boosting team has been working hard to bring you the Overwatch PS4 boosting and Overwatch XBox boosting. We’ve made it and the service is now fully available.

Who Are Your Overwatch PS4 & XBox boosters?

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How Do I Order PS4 & Xbox boosting?

You simply use our product page just like before. If you’re new to the Boosting Factory family, follow these steps.

Step 1 – There are three tabs above the flags, Skill Rating, Placement Matches and NET wins boost. Choose your desired type.
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If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to check our FAQ or contact our Live Chat support / Skype support to handle your issue.

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Taste The Dragon’s Blade: Genji Tips & Tricks Guide

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genji tips tricks guide

What is up, lads? In today’s Tips & Tricks mini guide, your Overwatch boosting team is going to talk about Genji. To start things off, let me tell you that Genji is not a front-line type of character. He is better at disrupting the enemy team from behind and catching them out of guard. Your main priority in games is the objective, but as Genji, your priority is to cause disorder on the battlefield. Don’t let your enemy know your location before it’s too late. Whether is you or your Overwatch duo boosting partner playing Genji, it’s always good to have these tips in mind.

When playing as Genji, it’s important for you to move all the time, since his health pool is one of the lowest in the entire game. Use Genji’s abilities to double jump and climb walls to dodge and charge through the enemy’s side and take them off one by one. Be careful and don’t get yourself caught by three or more players at the same time, and prioritize your targets carefully, since heroes like Winston or Mei can be difficult match-ups.

Ready to get that Overwatch placements winrate you dream of?

Know when to use your abilities

Genji is a three-star character, which means he is not some hero who you can pick and master in one day. Knowing and using Genji’s abilities in the best way can make him deadly, and this is a reason why your Overwatch duo boost player will likely use him a lot. We’ll begin explaining one of his underrated abilities in his kit: Quick Melee. Quick Melee is normally used when you’re really close to an enemy and/or you’re in the middle of reloading, but it can be used to pull of come crazy combos when used right.

For instance, if an enemy hero is ahead of you, throw a Shuriken, then Quick Melee and Swift Strike to deal roughly 165-250 damage in total. The fundamental idea here is to get a grip on the Shuriken’s speed and travel time. You need to be able to regulate your aim constantly between the Shuriken throws to hit all three and deal the best damage possible. Skill use is one of the reasons he is Tier 1 right now in our Overwatch Tier List.

Next is Swift Strike. This ability resets every time you kill or help kill someone. Have in mind that non-hero kills don’t count; Things like D.Va’s mech don’t reset Swift Strike. The best opportunity to use this ability is when an enemy hero has only two health bars left. That way, the kill is guarenteed and the cooldown is reseted. However, there are other ways to use Swift Strike. Since Genji’s mobility is limited and he doesn’t have means to escape, you can use this ability to escape a situation and be faster to reach a health pack. Not dying much is one of the keys to victory, and being able to do so is sure to improve your Overwatch leveling.

overwatch genji potg

Good timing is the key

A lot of players think that when you manage a good Deflect, that the attack automatically ricochets back to the original dealer but in reality, Deflect does not work like that. When you use it, you have to aim manually at the the ones who shot at you. But remember you can only Deflect projectiles, like Pharah and Tracer’s attacks. Some ultimates can also be deflected if they’re projectiles. It’s critical to know when to Deflect, because highly advanced players like our Overwatch boost players will often bait you into using it whenever they see you coming(…which is kind of a bad thing, when you’re supposed to be like a ninja and all).

In a last thought, let’s have a look at Genji’s ultimate, Dragonblade. When activating it, Genji exposes his katana for a short amount of time. Until he sheathes his sword again, Genji can deal massive strikes to the targets within his reach. Believe it or not, the best time to use this ability is when the enemy team is distracted with getting the objective or fighting your teammates. After activating your ultimate, kill the enemy healer first, so the rest can’t get healed and you don’t waste your ultimate in vain. Or if they have a non-healer support(Symmetra) you can always slice your way until they are all eliminated.

To maximise your lifetime when using Dragonblade, a good trick is to combine it with Swift Strike. It will make it harder for the enemy to kill you. Get your first dash to reset early is also vital, as the rest of the kills will be a lot more easy to achieve.

We hope these tricks will help you in your Overwatch placement matches. Season 2 will be a hard time for Genji to appear on the Overwatch Tier List, but being the fun to play hero he is, sometimes it’s worth it.

Flanking Guide – Who Are The Sneaky Flankers?

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overwatch flanking guide

Hey guys, in this guide your Overwatch boosting folks will be talking about flanking. If you’re not too familiar with the term, it basically means to kill someone beside or behind them. Being a generic strategy in FPS, it is even more relevant relevant in Overwatch. So if your Overwatch placement isn’t quite what you think it should be, this guide may help you.

We’ll begin with pointing out the most effecting flanking heroes

Tracer – Tracer is that annoying pest that won’t stop bugging the enemy team with her fast fire and blinks. While she is good at harrassing, if you do that face-front, chances are high of you getting killed. Thats where the blinks are useful for — use them to take flanking routes that were otherwise impossible to use. Another ability that helps her flanking is her Recall, which helps her sustain herself and the possibility to hit from other angle.

Reaper – Being another very effective hero at flanking because of his mobility is Reaper. With Shadow Step you can easily position yourself behind the enemy. Another ability you can take advantage of is his Wraith Form, which can be a great tool for escaping because you are immune to damage during it, or you can use it to get behind them.

Genji – Abilities like Cyber Agility and Swift Strike allow you to navigate the map in convenient ways. Therefore iboot’s really easy for Genji to get behind the enemy. The downside is that he lacks abilities to help him escape, and the only thing he can do is use Deflect to negate some of the damage for 2 seconds. And with the nerfs coming at Season 2, we’re not sure if he’ll remain high on our Overwatch Tier List anymore.

Flanking Routes on the maps

The Overwatch maps exist to accommodate many playstyles, and they all have extra routes that are exclusive to some heroes. Knowing and making good use of them is going to help you in your Overwatch leveling. By “making good use of”, we mean to sneak through the map while having a good angle of your enemy’s back.
There are many ways to navigate the maps, such as the building in Hollywood, so we aren’t going to point all of them. You can check the maps yourself while exploring them(…just make sure you don’t do that in your Overwatch placement matches).

Who shall you target when flanking?

When flanking, you should give set priorities to your targets. Your first target should the one that is more likely to kill you if you’re not paying attention, the snipers. Getting rid of that Widowmaker is not only going to help you, but also your team, because her distance harass will be no more. Be careful though; a good Widowmaker may be a pain in the ass due to her map control, making her possibly Tier 1 in our Overwatch Tier List.

Your next target is obviously their support, although you can always kill them first too if you want. Supports are usually the most vulnerable and getting rid of them means their team will have no healing and no buffs. So yeah, kill that Mercy before going after her teammates, or her rez will screw you up.

The target after those two is very situational. Usually you will want to go for the hero that you killing him will be benefiting your Overwatch duo boosting partner the most. If some of your team is struggling to lockdown the tank then group up with them. Or if your team is getting slaughtered by a DPS hero, go for him instead.

Things to be cautious of when flanking

If you’re going to flank and if you don’t have your Overwatch duo boost teammate nearby, you should be careful of a couple of things. For example, if the enemy team has a Symmetra, you should look out for her Sentry Turrets. The turrets themselves aren’t hard to kill, but if you are caught by surprise by them you can suffer some pretty good damage. If the turrets are combined they could destroy more squishy heroes like Tracer. Another thing worth pointing out is Junkrat’s Steel Trap. Getting caught by it will do significant damage and make you an easy target because you can’t move. Speaking of traps, when going after a Widowmaker be careful of her Venom Mine. While the damage is pretty much insignificant, your flanking stealth will be gone in a second.

overwatch flanking guide tracer

Season 2 HUGE Nerfs & Buffs to 9 Heroes Explained

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overwatch season 2 buffs nerfs

Hey lads. Our Overwatch boosting team will now cover the biggest and most sweeping amount of changes this game has seen so far. The PTR patch gave us a sneak peak on Season 2 which begins on September 6th. Not only are we getting a sneak peak on a new ranking system, but also a peak on nerfs & buffs on many heroes. Lets dig in.

Projectile Hitbox Now Large Again

The first major change is that all the projectile hit boxes changes were reverted except for Hanzo!, in a patch before they made the hit boxes smaller meaning it was harder for heroes like ž Widow, Genji and so on to hit their projectiles. This was apparently too hard for heroes so they decided to revert it. What this means for you is that you will land all your projectiles more often now.

Ultimates Now Cancel Quick Melee

The general philosophy here is that quick melee shouldn’t interrupt abilities and visa versa. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Quick movement abilities such as Tracer’s Blink, Pharah’s Jet Boost or Winston’s Leap can work while quick melee is firing, so it isn’t canceled in those cases. Ultimate abilities should now all cancel quick melee, since they are more rare special abilities that should have a higher priority.

Soldier:76 Buff

soldier:76 season 2 overwatch

Soldier: 76’s shots spread out sooner but recovers quicker.

In general, you’ll notice the weapon starts it’s spread a bit earlier but recovers the spread much more quickly. The net result of these changes should improve his effectiveness when burst-firing his weapon, and helps get back into a more accurate state quickly when you’ve hit max spread. The end result should increase his effectiveness at longer ranges.

D’Va Nerf

d'va season 2 overwatch

Defense Matrix: After being activated, Defense Matrix will begin regenerating following a 1-second delay (formerly 0.5 seconds).

What this means for you is that her Defense Matrix now takes longer to power up to prevent spamming ON/OFF, you can still spam it ofcourse but it’s a bit less effective now. This won’t change D’va gameplay so much, she’s only slightly worse.

Hanzo Buff

hanzo season 2 overwatch

Hanzo will now experience a 30% decrease in speed while aiming (formerly 40%)
Maximum projectile speed has been increased by 30%

Hanzo got a HUGE buff. Hanzo now moves less slow compared to before (40% decrease to 30%) while aiming his shots. But not only that, his projectile speed is now 30% faster, wow. Apparently they felt he is too inconsistent so now he will be more reliable, hopefully not too OP. Our boosting team is excited and expects some seriously high winrates in Season 2 Overwatch placement matches.

Mei Buff

mei season 2 overwatch buff

Blizzard: The Blizzard projectile now pierces barriers. Radius has been increased from 8 meters to 10 meters.

A buff for Mei, her Blizzard now peirces barriers such as Winston’s Barrier, Reinhardt’s shield. The radius was also quite increased and now you’ll be landing your Blizzard and freezing people much much more often.

McCree Nerf

mccree season 2 overwatch nerf

Deadeye: Now drains over a 0.25-second period (instead of displaying a 50% reduction on the ultimate meter when activated and 0% when confirmed)

Basically what this means for you is that once you activate Deadeye it is immediately used all the way up, it doesn’t go up to 50%. This is important because, if it is cancelled by him or he’s killed he doesn’t just automatically have 50% charge for the next Deadeye, it’s completely drained and the game doesn’t care if you died or didn’t kill anyone, you still used your whole Deadeye. They didn’t like how he had his ultimate up too frequently but this nerf likely isn’t justified, our Overwatch boost team believes.

Mercy Buff

mercy season 2 overwatch buff

Healing Beam: Healing-per-second has been increased by 20%.
Resurrect: Resurrected allies will be able to maneuver after 2.25 seconds.

She’s got some love, her healing beam has been increase from 50 healing per second up to 60 healing per second. Allies ress’d with Ressurect can now move after 2.25 seconds, not 3 seconds like before. All pretty self explainatory.

Genji Nerf

genji season 2 overwatch nerf

Double Jump: No longer resets when wall climbing
Dash: No longer deals damage to traps
Swift Strike: No longer interrupts quick melee attacks
Dragonblade: Duration of Genji’s ultimate has been reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

Genji nerfed quite a lot, Genji mains prepare for tears.
Before, you could Double Jump to walls, climb it and then Double Jump again, but now you need to reland, your feet physically have to touch the ground for your Double Jump to reset.

On top of that Dash no longer breaks traps, not a big nerf as you didn’t really Dash for those purposes much, but will make him a bit weaker indeed as you will get trapped more often.

Swift Strike nerfs means that Genji’s main combo was 3 shurikens followed by a Melee and then cancelling the melee animation for his dash, the swift strike dash. That doesn’t work anymore. You have to wait for melee animation to finish for the dash, that will slow up your big burst significantly.

And on top of all that, his ultimate’s been nerfed from 8 seconds to 6 seconds which now makes it aligned with Zenyatta’s ultimate as Zenyatta’s ultimate is 6 seconds and Genji’s was 8 seconds, now they’re both 6 seconds.

Lucio Nerf

lucion season 2 overwatch nerf

Amp It Up: The boosting (And not Overwatch boosting! Lol.) of movement speed has been decreased by 30% (from a 100% increase to a 70% increase)

Now the speed increase is 70% down from 100%. Our Overwatch boosting team doesn’t believe it will make Lucio less of a must-pick, Lucion will still be played.

Roadhog Buff

roadhog season 2 overwatch buff

Chain Hook: If the hooked target isn’t in Roadhog’s line of sight when retracting the hook, they will be moved back to the position where they were originally hooked.

What this means for you is, sometimes when you hooked someone, there’s a slight delay before they’re actually hooked, and in that short time people could maybe move out of line of sight and then the hook would be unreliable as it would sometimes drag people around over the walls, people would be hooked above you, behind you, on the side, a complete mess. Now the hook will teleport the person back to where they originally got hooked and hook them properly in a straight line. Many people are pissed because Roadhog was strong enough before

Zenyatta Nerf

zenyatta season 2 overwatch nerf

Orb of Discord: The amount of damage amplified by a target with Orb of Discord has been decreased from 50% to 30%.
Orb of Destruction: Damage has been increased from 40 to 46.

We called this change as Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord buffs your whole team’s damage on that target by 50% and Mercy only one of your allies for 30%, so you see the huge difference here, now Zenyatta is back in line. The Orb of Destruction buff just balances out the Discord change, so Zenyatta will still do the same damage, just his team buff is weaker.

Closing Words

We believe they might revert some Genji changes, the nerfs are HUGE and he’s in the ground right now.

Make sure to practise on PTR and keep an eye on our Overwatch Tier List which will obviously change when the patch lands Live servrs. The Season 2 is close, make sure to do your Placement Matches well! Have a nice day.

Season 2 Changes Explained (Date, Rewards & Redesign)

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overwatch season 2

Hey lads. Our Overwatch boosting team will now explain to you in short what changes are coming to Overwatch in Season 2. Let’s begin.

What About Hero Changes, Buffs & Nerfs?

We made a post dedicated specially to heroes, you can check it out here.

When Does Overwatch Season 2 Start?

Season 1 ended on August 17th, 2016 and there’s a 2 week offseason period. Overwatch Season 2 starts on September 6th, 2016.

When Does Overwatch Season 2 End?

Season 2 ends on November 24th, 2016.

How Does The Ranking System Change?

First major change you noticed is the Skill Rating is now split into 1-5000. Apart from that, Skill Rating Tiers are introduced as following:

Bronze – 1-1499 (Season 1: 0-29)
Silver – 1500-1999 (Season 1: 30-39 )
Gold – 2000-2499 (Season 1: 40-49)
Platinum – 2500-2999 (Season 1: 50-59)
Diamond – 3000-3499 (Season 1: 60-69)
Master – 3500-3999 (Season 1: 70-79 )
Grandmaster – 4000-5000 (Season 1: 80-100)
Top 500 – Top 500 players in the region

For Bronze – Diamond tiers
, you can drop below the Skill Rating threshold and still be a “Platinum player” for instance. But there’s a catch, even if you dropped to, in this case, under 2500 which is Gold, you’re still a “Platinum player” and you keep the medal, but whenever you decide to climb up to, for instance, Diamond, you will still need to get all the Skill Rating back just to get back into Platinum and then resume into Diamond. In short, DO NOT waste Skill Rating just because you cannot “fall out” from Bronze – Diamond tiers. If you decide to purchase our Overwatch boosting service, you will just pay more for no reason.
For Master and Grandmaster, you’re able to fall out of them completely.

Players in Master and Grandmaster can queue up with players only 500 rating higher/lower than them, and everyone else 1000 rating higher/lower than them.

overwatch season 2 ranks

Season 2 End Season Competitive Points Rewards

Bronze – 100 CP
Silver – 200 CP
Gold – 400 CP
Platinum – 800 CP
Diamond – 1200 CP
Master – 2000 CP
Grandmaster – 3000 CP

Skill Rating Decay

For players in Diamond, Master & Grandmaster, not playing ranked for more than 7 days will make you lose Skill Rating, precisely 50 points per day down to a minimum of 3000 points (Diamond cutoff). For players in Top 500 who do not do a single match in 7 days will be kicked out of Top 500.

Competitive Points

All saved up competitive points from Season 1 will be multiplied by 10. A competitive win will now reward you 10 points instead of 1. A draw will result in 3 competitive points. Ofcourse prices of Golden Weapons have been multiplied by 10 too.

A soft cap has been implemented, you can now save up to 6000 competitive points + end season Competitive Points rewards that will stack on top of those 6000.

Sudden Death Removed

Sudden Death has been removed and a draw mechanic has been implemented, both teams will get some points for a draw. Learn more about draws here.

overwatch season 2 placement matches

Season 2 Placement Matches Preorder

We will soon have Placement Matches available for preorder. You can check prices of our Overwatch Boosting service here. As usual, we guarantee a 70% winrate in solo and 60% in duo mode. Make sure to secure your spot in the queue as soon as possible as we expect a large demand.

To maximize your winrate whether you play with our boosters or solo, use our Overwatch Tier List.

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